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Democrats and MSM Already ATTACKING the New AG

Attorney General Bill Barr just announced his resignation. He will be leaving office before the holidays. President Trump appointed Jeffrey Rosen as Barr’s replacement. The Democrats are already attacking the new AG.

Democrats still whining about President Trump

Radical Left-wing news anchor Rachel Maddow is one of many Democrats bashing Trump’s new pick for Attorney General. The MSNBC host claims that he has a dark and disturbing past full of unethical behavior while serving under AG Bill Barr. Maddow is referring to the Justice Department’s handling of the Ukraine scandal, which ultimately led to the House impeaching President Trump.

The Justice Department said that the criminal complaint was under their review and they’d handle it and that it shouldn’t go to Congress. Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice then decided everything Trump did was legal and they didn’t need to investigate it.

“That was the complaint escaping the garbage disposal that William Barr and the Justice Department tried to shove it into,” said Maddow. “That is how we got to the impeachment of the president.” She went on to claim that Jeffrey Rosen was the man responsible for shielding the president from the criminal complaint. Now Rosen will be serving as attorney general in what might be President Trump’s last month in office. Democrats are nervous about what a Trump loyalist will do running the DOJ.

democrats attack attorney general jeffrey rosen

Jeffrey Rosen named Attorney General

“It’s worth thinking about the things that Trump might want to do in that last month,” Maddow said. “It’s worth remembering the role that Rosen had in trying to make that alleged criminal behavior of President Trump’s disappear, but not only disappear in a way that would submarine those allegations and prevent anybody else from looking at them. Look at what else has happened over Jeffrey Rosen’s tenure since he and William Barr have been in office.”

Democrats at the New York Times also criticized Jeffrey Rosen for “quietly quarterbacking a government lawsuit that unsuccessfully asked a judge to order Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser John R. Bolton to pull back his White house memoir, which presents a negative account of the president and had already been printed.”

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