The Scary Connection Between Fauci And The Clintons

There may be a spooky deep state connection between the Clintons and Dr. Anthony Fauci which would explain why he’s been such an outspoken critic of President Trump. It’s clear that he’s biased. If he’s intentionally using his position on the Coronavirus Task Force as a way to discredit the President – just enough to weaken Trump’s election chances – it could be considered treason.

A radioactive connection

To President Donald Trump’s supporters, it’s obvious that Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t a Republican. The controversy grows with each snide remark. “Has anyone else noticed that every suggestion by Dr. Doom Fauci just happens to also be the worst possible thing for the economy? That’s not an accident folks. That’s Hillary,” Bill Mitchell tweeted. There could be a treasonous connection. “Congress should subpoena Dr. Doom Fauci’s phone records and see how many times he has called Hillary in the past 60 days,” he added.

Dr. Fauci picked up another nickname too, “Dr. Deep State.” After an infamous face-palm incident last week where his progressive conditioning overwhelmed the need to avoid touching his face. When the rumors started making the social media rounds that Fauci’s phone records may be subpoenaed to find out if he’s leaking inside information, it turned out that he’s been a member of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club since back in the Uranium One days.

It seems that Dr. Fauci and Bill Clinton both have an interest in HIV prevention. Bill and Hillary were especially interested in preventing HIV in Kazakhstan. An AIDS conference served as a convenient excuse to steal America’s uranium rights and sell them to the Russians.

The Clintons’ HIV Awareness

Dr. Fauci apparently has been a fan of the Clinton’s for a long time. In 2006, while Bill Clinton was busy laying the groundwork for the Uranium One deal, Fauci gave a PBS interview. Fauci was thrilled that HIV/AIDS funding had really started flowing. When Bill Clinton was elected, there were “more and more resources.”

The Clintons were a lot more open to helping, “readily and easily interacting with the constituency groups.” Things were okay under Bush but “there was great optimism as the Clinton administration came in that now the constituency groups were going to get everything they wanted.”

In September of 2005, Bill Clinton made a connection with his close friend, billionaire Frank Giustra, and the pair flew off to Almaty, Kazakhstan, allegedly to fight AIDS. Dr. Fauci would have been thrilled.

The Giustra-Clinton Sustainable Growth Initiative

Clinton flew to the other side of the planet allegedly to “help HIV/AIDS patients gain access to certain drug therapies.” The only problem with that is “Kazakhstan didn’t have an HIV/AIDS problem.” What they did have was, “$5 trillion in resources, including uranium.”

Giustra met with Kazakhstan officials and by the time they left, he had the mining deals in his pocket. The Giustra-Clinton Sustainable Growth Initiative was officially teamed up with UrAsia Energy Ltd. To make sure the deal went through, they had Hillary lean on the officials a little. She had to do a Biden and “withhold aid to Kazakhstan unless and until the UrAsia mining deal went forward.”

As soon as UrAsia Energy Ltd “was awarded Kazakhstan mining rights from Kazatomprom, the atomic energy agency for Kazakhstan,” they suddenly were listed as the “world’s largest uranium mining producer.” Giustra wrote a $31.3 million dollar check to the Clinton Foundation.

Eventually, Giustra sold UrAsia Energy Ltd to Uranium One with a “reverse merger” letting him keep “60 percent controlling interest.” He also made “a recurring commitment to donate $100 million and half of future profits to the Clinton Foundation.”

If Dr. Fauci is one of the Clinton favorites, its quite possible that he would be more than willing to take advantage of his time in front of the television cameras during his 15 minutes of fame in the crisis by sabotaging the biggest threat the deep state swamp dwellers have ever faced.

  1. Clinton did the same in Nigeria.. but for a billion dollar Clinton Foundation’ ‘Donation’ on a transfer of 200 billion in assets of Nigerian minerals to a company led by a friend of the Clintons… and we got as a direct result BOKO expanding to creating massive murder counts and ‘400’ “our Girls” raped, kidnapped, sexually disfigured, sold into sexual slavery… all covered up when Michelle Obama promoted a ‘Selfie’ drive… ‘Our Girls”!
    These are reasons why America gets the label, ‘Ugly Americans’ around the world. People at the head of Agencies all know these things, giving monsters like Hillary full sway they stay in office. These Agency heads sacrifice as many people as necessary for personal greed, be it Comey, Brennan, or Fauci… they all acted in personal interests… and still do today… claiming such behavior was AMERICAN by nature.

  2. Then what is stopping Trump from firing Fauci? This American Dr. Mengele is indeed a deepstate quisling quack, part of the get-Trump cabal.

    1. What is keeping Trump from firing Fauci? I think what is keeping Trump from firing Fauci is that the Democrats are laying in wait, and hoping Trump fires him, then they can say that our only salvation was Dr. Fauci and Trump first ignored him and then fired him, because getting the economy back humming is more important to Trump than keeping Americans alive is. I think Trump sees that handwriting on the wall and is keeping him on staff, but not allowing him to have any control over opening the government. I would like to see a secret investigation of Fauci, so Trump could get a legitimate reason for firing him. I’ve been asking for a thorough investigation of Fauci for two or three months, because I immediately saw that every suggestion made by Fauci was the absolute worst thing that could be done. When I first read that Fauci had ties to the Clintons all of the dots lined up for me and I knew he needed to be caught doing something crooked so Trump could can him.

  3. I’m amazed that the Clinton’s have never been brought up on any charges, or for that matter, even been questioned for their outlandish shenanigans. George Soros may be the scum of the earth but the Clintons are right at the top of the list.

    1. Soros is indeed the scum of the earth and the Clintons are the skid marks (Shit stains) in his skivies . Hillary is Bill’s handler though as even as even with him being a Rhodes Scholar , he is just a dumb Arkansas Redneck skirt chaser more interested in getting strange poontang . Actually he gives the Arkansas Rednecks a bad name . But what can one expect from someone dumb enough to marry Hillary ? Not sure just when ol’Hillary , aka Skankles or Thunder Thighs began her lust for power and total control , was it her Alinsky indoctrination in her collage years or was she inspired by Hitler and Communist despots like Lennin and Stalin ? She wants not only domestic control but world control and power with the world’s population enriching her bank accounta . Just my opinion of course .

  4. $$$$$$$ Pardon my greed$$$$$ Every time I begin to put 2 and 2 together, my result is always the same. Noooo, it’s not 4. In order to be adept with math, one first, must analyze the possibility of $$$$$ being involved. Case in point. While we were being led to believe the Clinton’s were Public Servants, their intent, all along was to convince the voting public that they knew how to do math.$$$$$ They simply wanted those voters to be impressed with the “ploy” of being good at math, while the patriotic honorable citizens were being ” fleeced” of the goodness and honoring mankind, those who had aggressively promoted accountability and responsibility, were using the ruse ” There’s a sucker born every minute and 2 born to take him.$$$$. Precisely what would Ms Maxwell expect for her silence or being a loudmouth. $$$$$. I can almost guarantee that when each head of state, each politician, or pillars of the community, were dallying with underage children, their ability to add or subtract ceased to exist. Epstein/Maxwell were monitoring the orgasmic threshold of those supposed ” leaders of the community” and honor or goodness was the least of their concern, for either suspect or victim$$$$$ both mumbling,” as long as I get mine”$$$$

  5. This article said, almost word for word what I wrote in an earlier comment in one of these blogs. It’s gratifying that others are starting to see what I saw. Absolutely every suggestion made by Fauci as guidance to Trump has led Trump deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I believe this entire exercise is nothing more than “Get Trump 3.0” and Fauci has done a magnificent job at making sure Trump cannot be reelected in November. Look very closely at Fauci and you’ll conclude that he is a member in good standing of the deep state. He is, to a certain extent responsible for the existence of the virus-he financed the lab in Wuhan, where it came from. I think if he were fully investigated, he would wind up in jail or worse.

  6. Well, I doubt very much I will live long enough to see any of these criminals charged and actually in jail. How they never find a district attorney to charge these people is beyond me, you mean to tell me every district attorney in our state law systems are on the dole as meaning being paid off by the Clintons. There has to be an honest prosecutor somewhere, in one of the states, at the federal level somewhere and I wish an honest Joe would show up and get rid of these on this earth the worst criminals I have ever seen in my many years of life and possibly in the history of mankind. Any honest lawman out there to make me before I die happy by bringing these criminals to justice. All my life I thought I have lived under an honest law system but thanks to the Clintons and Obamas and democrats I don’t believe any more I have been living under an honest law system. Where is our honest law system.

    1. You are correct Anna , at 67 , I can’t understand how Trump can try to be non- partisan , having liberals around him , but not firing their asses when he should detect their treasonous intentions and affiliations with the top liberal criminals w / NWO agenda criminal goals . Fauci , & biden , was part of Obama’s $ 3.7 Million ( of stolen taxpayer funds ) FUNDING the communist Chinese lab that CREATED the virus in the first place , yet the libtards still support these criminals , that are killing them too !

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