Massive Phone Hack By the Left to Smear GOP Candidate

It is only by lies and deception that Democrats get anywhere at all. We are by and large a conservative nation if you take political labels out and just go by common sense. Especially if the Democrats feel their power is threatened, any kind of smear is better than doing nothing. Since cell phone texts have become a means to market, that can be used for other purposes as well. Hackers are everywhere and can be used for most anything.

Smear that Republican

A hacker deluged voter’s phones with text messages attempting to smear Pete Snyder in Virginia. The quote used was taken out of context from Mr. Snyder mocking President Biden and Obama.

On Fox in 2012 Pete Snyder was criticizing both Biden and Obama for their policies affecting the middle class. A Republican voter brought a screenshot to Breitbart. It showed the text saying Snyder praising Obama and Biden along with an edited video.

A smear can work

Provided there’s no opportunity for rebuttal. Any chance to sow the seeds of doubt. Not everybody watches the politics heavily.

The then Vice President already knew his policies would hurt the middle class and he double spoke, “This is deadly earnest. How they can justify — how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years. How in the Lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”

A smear is among the tactics used

To paint your opponent in a particular light. It makes sense to do it anonymously so the person that did the smear isn’t retaliated against. Snyder is an excellent contender for governor. Teacher’s unions that want to hold their power and Democrats are likely behind it.

Conservatives already have an idea of how far Democrats will go to retain and grow their power. Both Lenze Morris and Snyder himself spoke out about it.

The smear will only go so far

If we have anything to say about it. “These dishonest attacks underscore how afraid Democrats and teachers’ unions are of Pete’s campaign for governor. In a desperate and amateurish stunt, they’re willing to manipulate videos to try to portray him saying the exact opposite of what he actually said. The bottom line: these false attacks from Pete’s opponents, teachers’ unions, and Democrats are getting more and more desperate because, as they have openly admitted, Pete is the one candidate they fear most in November,” Morris is Snyder’s campaign spokeswoman.

Synder himself recognized the desparation. “The teachers union and radical Democrats have committed to doing whatever it takes to stop our campaign, because they fear losing their grip on power in November. Virginians from across the Commonwealth know our conservative outsider message is resonating and it is what is needed to beat the Democrats and win in November.”

Snyder also tweeted out, “Teachers Unions spending $1 Million+ lamely trying to attack me. They are scared. And they should be. They know I’m going to break them + #OpenOurSchools. And they know I’m the ONLY ONE who can take down @TerryMcAuliffe + WIN in November.”

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