Bizarre Trend of Fires At US Meat Processing Plants Draws Scrutiny

There has been a bizarre outbreak of fires in meat processing centers throughout the country in the last few years, with much more in the last 6 months as food costs skyrocket and supply chains are stressed out to their limitations.

The fires started appearing frequently in the news after a fire closed a Tyson Foods meat processing plant in Kansas in 2019. The place was a main beef processing area for the business and the U.S. supply chain, offering about 6% of U.S. beef..

After the fire, experts started hypothesizing that the effect might increase market value for meat across the country. Dan Norcini, part of the beef and poultry trading markets, stated the livestock market would likely “react adversely” to news of the fire. He stated the long-lasting effect would depend upon for how long the plant stays closed.

In August of 2021, the Patak Meat Processing facility burned near Atlanta. The media took notice since the family-owned service is enjoyed in its local area, and its items are bought across the country.

The fire in Georgia hardly had a small influence on the food supply chain across the country. In September, a fire at JBS USA, a meat processing center in Nebraska, threatened the meat supply for the whole country exceptionally. The plant apparently processes about 5% of the country’s beef, and closure would straight affect the supply chain..

The pattern has actually continued consistently through the end of 2021 and into 2022.

In February, Shearer’s Food Processing Plant in Hermiston, Oregon, burned down, leaving 2 staff members hurt. On April 13, Taylor Farms Food Processing Plant in Salinas, California, burned and triggered evacuations. On April 19, the Headquarters of Azure Standard Food Processing Plant in Dufur, Oregon, likewise burned.

Individuals are starting to see since the fires are threatening a currently stressed out supply chain of food in the U.S.

The pattern continues: on March 16, a huge fire eliminated much of a Walmart satisfaction center in Plainfield, Indiana. The occasion was adequate in severity to necessitate the ATF to examine.

Another occurrence took place on April 11, at New Hampshire’s East Conway Beef and Pork, when a fire so large broke out that it took participants 16 hours to snuff out.

A minimum of 16 such catastrophes have actually occurred at food processing centers across the country. While the majority of the events have actually revealed no foul play after examination, the pattern provides a curious string of occasions throughout the nation.

It stays to be seen what the direct effect will be. Still, as the country continues to deal with skyrocketing food rates and problems with supply chain operations, there could be a substantial effect on the expense and accessibility of food for Americans.

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