Mike Rowe Has a Haunting Message for Americans

He reminds a person of conservative firebrands. He says what you’re thinking. Liberals hate him because they know he’s right. Mike Rowe called us a quilt. Liberals like to use the word interconnected. Well, America fits that description. If you’re going to call one sector “essential” and another “non essential”, that quilt is going to unravel or bunch up in odd ways. Americans instinctively understand this so there’s the sense something isn’t right.

Mike Rowe of the hit TV show “Dirty Jobs” sees and does some of those crucial jobs. He spoke with Dana Perino on “The Daily Briefing”, saying there really is no difference between the two distinctions if you’re talking the economy.

“There’s something tricky with the language going on here, because with regard to an economy, I don’t think there is any such thing as a nonessential worker,” Rowe said. “This is basically a quilt…and if you start pulling on jobs and tugging on careers over here and over there, the whole thing will bunch up in a weird way.”

FEE President and Economist Zilvinas Silenas wrote an article Mike spoke of. “Allowing politicians to decide which businesses and products are ‘essential’ is an invitation for disaster,” Silenas observed. “If we continue to deny these businesses the ability to do the one essential thing they are best at—providing goods and services to millions of everyday Americans—we risk more than unemployment or recession of stock price plunge. We deprive ourselves of the best resource—our people—during the time of need.”

Rowe is one of many to point out we’re all essential

You find that out as soon as a particular sector is shut down. Politicians probably also know instinctively how to make sure their own paycheck is taken care of. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer made sure her wallet still gets filled while others face starvation. She’s allowing lottery ticket sales while forbidding purchases of seeds that people could use to grow their own food.

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney noted the same thing Mike is alluding to. Some industries remaining open have more to do with municipal budgets than with protecting from COVID-19.

Industries picked have turned out to be destructive

The economist Leonard Read brought up in “I, Pencil” that you can’t shut down one industry without it affecting another. A person can’t make a simple pencil on their own. It takes many people working in different industries to put one together. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce pointed this out to Gov. Tom Wolf.

If a governor shuts down industries that will affect his or her bottom line, you’ll likely hear the need to return to work. Andrew Cuomo recently admitted to needing people back to work. Tax receipts maybe affecting his paycheck.

Economist Antony Davies and political scientist James Harrigan noted why food distribution problems are happening. “We cannot declare one business ‘unnecessary’ without, by extension, declaring unnecessary every other business that relies on it, and every business that relies on those businesses,” Davies and Harrigan write. “Food is necessary, and because of that delivery trucks are necessary, and because of that engine fuses and wiper blades are necessary, and because of that plastic packaging in which fuses and blades are sold is necessary, and on and on.”

  1. Since the track record of “politicians” is rife with self serving attitudes and actions, I’m wondering how long the general population will put up with their inept micromanagement of who gets to work and where you can go.

  2. Though the article brings out some good points, it is not feasable to just let everything stay open when you have a national health emergency. There is one thing that the USA did not do which most otther countries did and are now having the virus more under control than the USA, they ddi shyut down everything and paid all the workers their wages while shut down and had necesasary deliveries of food and essentials delivered by person clad in PPE, Yes it cost the Counties but it also saved lives of many persons, and now those countries are having a much more successful opening than the USA, it all boils down to governence, which you care about most Money or lives, and this USA Governenxce cared nmore about money, calling it the economy.

  3. Once again … the people don’t matter … only them in control do . Our government is payed for no matter what happens , while we the people aren’t . If I got 174.000 a year for doing nothing but sit in a office I might not care either , and with my Insurance payed for me and my family but not for you . And that’s not talking about the kick backs they get for votes for the Rich company owners for favors they need . The fact that business need to open or to stay closed is the call of them sitting in their offices . And how much is based on political BS to guide the election one way or the other . If things need to be closed for safety reasons then when is half of our government calling for terrorists to gather and destroy our citys . I mean with all the dumb ass’s out there to loot and burn … is that a safety measure ??? while telling some people they need to wear masks but not others ( blacks ) . How stupid is that to keep people safe from this virus that kills . But then does it really matter … the terrorists are killing the kids the virus isn’t . On till the hole government works together these questions will never be answered . And we keep suffering for their failure to grow up and do the right thing for the people , so far it’s just for themselfs .

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