Breaking Report: Michigan Canvass Findings Paint a Grim Situation

There was a lot of fraud in the 2020 election. Michigan was among several states in question. People knocking on doors this summer found a high rate of ballots that may not be legal. This was a just a sample in a particular area, to say nothing of what the entire state is going to look like. This was the state that kicked out GOP observers and covered up the windows. The fake news will report different.

Michigan needs a full forensic audit

Jacky Eubanks is in the running to be in the Michigan State Legislature. She reviewed a section of absentee ballots in Chesterfield, Michigan. Among other things, there were invalid names and addresses and people who said they didn’t vote.

Eubanks noted that “We’re looking at an 18 percent to 20 percent irregularity and anomaly rate based on the canvassing we’ve been doing this summer. The third and most mysterious kind that we found is people who swear they voted in person at the polling precinct on election day. And even putting their ballot into the tabulator and recall shredding their absentee ballot if it was mailed to them. Yet, there’s still an absentee ballot that’s been counted in their name, according to official records.”

Michigan echoing Arizona

The pattern is not unlike what was found there. But Michigan power may not allow that audit. Attorney General Dana Nessel may have threatened a reporter that spotted the fraud back then and she has stated she’ll do the same today with anybody else that questions the 2020 election.

Detroit is notorious for fraud. Wayne county joins that city with 9,000 affidavits signed by witnesses that watched it happen.

Macomb County, Michigan

It seems whatever candidate wins Macomb county, that person winds up being the winner nationwide. There are several counties this regularly happens in.

Eubanks took notice of this when Trump didn’t win the Presidency and in fact, his margin went down. She started working in just her town to see what she came up with. One of the things found is ballots that had no way to track down the person that voted. If there’s no human to ask, then can that ballot be counted?

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