Biden Policy Has Left Them STRANDED

Immigrants are still coming through with thousands more behind them. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the October 12 about face three weeks shy of the election and only 20 months after the border was opened. The new policy requires illegals to apply in their country of origin and not go to the border but people were on their way without the option of returning. They’re stuck.

Immigrants in the cold

One Venezuelan migrant said, “No one is going to go back. There’s thousands of Venezuelans on their way right now — they’re not going back.”

Mark Krikorian is the director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“They basically got the bait and switch. The administration’s complete unfamiliarity with how migration works has benefited some migrants who wouldn’t have gotten into the United States otherwise. But it has caused a lot of pain for others who have, in the worst case been killed in Darien Gap or sexually exploited by cartel smugglers, or spent huge amounts of money on smuggling, whether by mortgaging their little farm or indenturing themselves with the cartels … to be essentially slaves for years.”

Biden victimizing immigrants

Krikorian continued,

“The legacy media only wants to talk about the winners and not the losers, only the benefits but not the costs. And there are real costs, both to American workers and taxpayers, and [also] to a lot of migrants. Any assessment of a policy has to take into account the costs and benefits. But there’s no such thing as a win-win for everybody. It doesn’t exist — and this administration thought that it did exist for everybody that mattered to them. It didn’t work that way.”

The flood of over 2.5 million immigrants since 2021 has cheated Americans on a number of things including wages and housing prices. There have also been deaths.

Immigrants falling through the cracks

Mayorkas is Cuban born and very pro-immigrant. He opened a better route in mid 2022 for Venezuelans to get into homes and workplaces here.

Officials have been bussing some Venezuelans to Mexico. said the day after the policy change,

“U.S. officials on Friday sent hundreds of Venezuelan asylum seekers to Juarez, Mexico. A KTSM/Border Report ­­photo crew counted about 250 people in the space of an hour, escorted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to the middle of the bridge, then being monitored by Mexican immigration agents as they came down the structure.”

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