Illegal Aliens Hijack Bus and Go on Joyride Into America

A group of illegal immigrants from Haiti hijacked a bus and escaped from federal custody last week, according to ICE. These migrants have since been recaptured by law enforcement but thousands more have been released into the United States by the White House. An enormous flood of Haitians has illegally crossed the southern border. As seen in the bus hijacking incident, some of these illegal aliens are willing to resort to violence to stay in the United States.

Haitian migrants take over bus

The Haitians took over a private bus contracted by the federal government during the attempted removal of migrants from the sprawling camp set up near Del Rio, Texas.

All of the individuals who subsequently escaped were recaptured, according to ICE. How exactly this revolt was allowed to happen is unclear.

Thousands of illegal immigrants set up a sprawling makeshift slum near Del Rio Texas as they arrived in increasing numbers in past weeks.

The camp has now been cleared but the illegals are still here; more than 12,000 have simply been released within the United States.

These people are being told to report back at some specified point in the future to be deported. The bus hijacking ought to be some indication of how effective this will be.

People who have illegally entered the United States and are willing to resort to violence to keep themselves here are being asked to meekly turn themselves in and be removed in the future.

White House attacks federal law enforcement

The White House knows that no one will obey these requests. Instead of cracking down on violent illegal immigrants the administration has instead chosen to attack the border patrol agents who have struggled to contain the disaster.

Agents who have used any measure of force to control obviously unruly and uncooperative illegals have been explicitly attacked by the White House.

The bus incident reveals the lengths which many of these people are willing to go to in order to prevent their deportation; force is clearly very necessary.

The softness of the United States government is inspiring millions of foreigners to do their part to take advantage of America by crossing the border under this administration.

Biden and his government have thus far been unwilling to resort to much beyond tepid warnings and statements to dissuade illegal immigrants.

Mexico and Texas are both suffering due to a perception spreading abroad that Biden will welcome illegal migrants with open arms if they can make it across the border. The president has done nothing to disprove this so far.

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