What Flynn REALLY Told the Russians Has Deep State Really ‘Disturbed’


Describing Democrats as “really disturbed” is putting it mildly. Adam Schiff’s blood pressure is so high right now his eyes are about to shoot out of their sockets and bounce off a wall. What Michael Flynn told the Russian Ambassador really was “disturbing” but Democrats turned out to be the ones bothered the most. So bothered, they’re trying to start a race war to distract everyone’s attention.

Disturbed by the truth

For a full three years, liberal lawmakers have tried to convince the public that General Michael Flynn’s phone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak “were so disturbing that they set off alarms in the closing days of the Obama administration.” Now Democrats are the ones who are disturbed. By the truth. After they got caught entrapping Flynn into lying to the FBI, they continued to insist the actual transcripts would prove Russian collusion. They didn’t.

The transcripts turned out to be just as disturbing as promised, but for a totally different reason. Instead of proving there was “criminality or collusion,” the records confirm “the total absence of such evidence.” The little present that our outgoing acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, left for Adam Schiff and the rest of his Deep State spooks just exploded in their faces.

Rod Rosenstein will be the first to feel the burn when he undergoes intense grilling in the Senate this week. The transcripts prove without doubt that when Flynn told the FBI that he didn’t “discuss” sanctions with the Ambassador, the minor misstatement didn’t matter. There was no foundation for a criminal charge because what he said wasn’t “linked to the particular “subject of the investigation.”

The FBI didn’t have a case

By February of 2017, the Justice Department knew that they didn’t have a case but it didn’t stop their plot to overthrow President Trump. They can’t deny that they already had determined “the false statement in February 2017 was not material ‘to any viable counterintelligence investigation — or any investigation, for that matter — initiated by the FBI.'” That means the Federal Bureau of Instigation weren’t investigating a crime, they were looking for one. In the process, they committed crimes of their own and they weren’t disturbed one bit.

James Comey was well aware there was nothing to investigate when he sent “a couple guys over” to entrap General Flynn. Separately disclosed transcripts revealed that Barack Obama and James Comey conspired together to use “the Logan Act as a pretense for a criminal charge,” The Hill reports.

The little known and never prosecuted act “criminalizes private negotiations with foreign governments.” Everyone in the legal field knows it’s “unconstitutional and has never been used successfully against any U.S. citizen since the earliest days of the Republic.” Obama and Comey realized Flynn wouldn’t know that so they gave it a shot. At one point, Comey bragged, he “probably wouldn’t have gotten away with it” without Obama’s backing, but he sent “a couple guys over” to casually interrogate Flynn, “who was settling into his new office as national security adviser.”


Strzok and Page put their two cents in

Comey’s scheme wouldn’t have gone off as easily as it did if not for the advice that Peter Strzok and his adulterous lover Lisa Page contributed. Strzok was the one who suggested guiding “Flynn to give false or misleading information.” Page added, “just casually slip in” some piece of a “reference to the criminal provision for lying and then get Flynn to slip up on the details.” If Flynn had said it was a nice day and there was a cloud out, he would have been charged. It would have had the same weight in court too.

He didn’t exactly “discuss” sanctions with Russia, he told them to do whatever they felt they had to do, and forgot all about it. It may have technically been a lie but it didn’t matter because it wasn’t “material.” Everybody knew that he couldn’t be convicted but that didn’t stop them from trying and that’s what has everyone so disturbed now.

Grand inquisitor Robert Mueller didn’t hesitate for a second to use the charge for leverage in his witch hunt. Mueller went ahead and charged Flynn for making a false statement about not discussing sanctions. Mueller freely admits he charged Flynn with that false statement, “to pressure him into cooperating.” They threatened to drag his son into it too.

What Flynn did say

He didn’t say a single incriminating word but what he did say was commendable. He wanted to find common ground against mutual enemies in the Middle-East. They didn’t trade a single quid pro quo. On the sanctions issue, Flynn said if they weren’t happy with Obama’s sanctions then slap some on us in return and left it at that. He didn’t offer to remove ours in any way shape or form, as alleged.

After those calls were caught on tape, cherry-picked details along with Flynn’s name illegally leaked to the press. As The Hill points out, “as many as nine officials” in the Obama administration “leaked Flynn’s identity.” That, they insist, is “a serious federal crime, given their classified status.”

The FBI and DOJ knew there was no crime to investigate but they investigated it anyway. Even the disturbed agents involved wanted to close the case in December of 2016. “they were overruled by superiors, including FBI special agent Peter Strzok, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Director James Comey.”


  1. General Flynn is TOTALLY INNOCENT ! The FBI, NSA, CIA, and ALL of the Obama Administration is GUILTY ! Have one Mass TRIAL and HANG THEM ALL !

  2. Is it simply ignorance of police procedure or deliberate and willful ignorance of facts? This article presumes (adding quoted phrases without attribution) that Flynn did nothing illegal. But there’s a gap between simply illegal and treasonous. A legitimate reporting of this issue–again–requires excepts from known documents, portrayal of the circumstances that prompted surveillance in the first place, and description of the ordinary FBI procedures that produced not one but ‘2’ guilty pleas from Flynn. You don’t plead guilty if innocent–no getting around that fact. No threats to family, not attacks on deep state government bureaucracy, no hatred for national police like FBI can induce an innocent man with facts behind him to plead guilty twice. It’s a distraction to include family into discussion of a single man’s lawbreaking. We are all responsible for our own behavior always. Let’s get back to truth instead of framing this legal issue in political terms.

    • wellbill, it depends if the fbi is telling you they are going to include your family members and drag them through another lying bs set you up parade like they did President Trump. General Flynn is totally innocent and you’d have to be one of the dumbest people to not see that.

  3. Quite possibly the biggest issue is not so much that what they did was unwarranted (read ‘illegal’) but that they KNEW it was and proceeded anyway. I can only think of two possible reasons for them to do so: 1) they were so consumed with TDS they couldn’t stop or 2) they were told to (read ‘ordered’) continue. Which of course brings into play – who would issue such an order.


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