Twitter Continues Their War on Our President

Liberals don’t like war. We shouldn’t fight, we should all agree with each other. Unless somebody disagrees with them. Then they have every right to go to war. Anybody who disagrees with them needs to be shut up somehow, even if that’s through death. Opposing view points should not be allowed to be expressed. Statues in honor of an opinion a liberal disagrees with should be taken down. What if those different opinions made sense?

Trump isn’t afraid of war

He’s already gone to war against the coronavirus, he’s called it that multiple times. He says what he’s going to do. Liberals also don’t like action – unless it’s for a cause they believe in. Then it’s ok to kill. If Trump feels martial law is necessary, he’ll make it happen. War is hell. Innocent lives are being destroyed in Minneapolis. If government and police there are too weak to deal with the situation, Trump can step in to help.

Twitter has become another arm of the DNC

Social media had a legal shield. They were only supposed to be a platform so they were immune to lawsuits regarding their content. Now they’re censoring ideas they don’t agree with, including communications from the Commander in Chief. With freedom of the press comes responsibility to present what the President says, regardless your opinion of it.

In war there can be direct and indirect attacks. This needs to be direct. Trump knows Congress will bottle this up if he tried to go through proper channels. Trump fights for the Americans who elected him, he knows his constituents love and want to hear from him often.

“(Trump) is trying to steal for himself the power of the courts and Congress to rewrite decades of settled law,” said Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon. “He decides what’s legal based on what’s in his interest.” Wyden is the architect of this legislation.

This war will be fought by lawyers

The only way Trump’s message can be read on the offending tweet is by clicking on a disclaimer that says, “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

Facebook hid too. Their company spokesperson declined comment as to whether his post incited violence. Mark Zuckerberg tried to distance himself from the situation.

  1. It seems Mr Wyden has the current administration confused with the 3 Amigos, Comey, Stzrok, and McCabe accusing Trump of trying to steal for himself the power of the courts and Congress to rewrite decades of settled law,” said Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon. I could quite possibly have this mixed up with those who used bovine excrement to fool the FISA Court,… fail to mirandize A General who possessed a TS security clearance, and used 25-30 FBI Agents to arrest a man and his wife for Lying . In order for OVERKILL to be effective, the concern for “trouble” should be right up there with assault with a deadly weapon, or denying a military man the right to LEGAL representation.

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