Chaos Outside The White House

Chaos continued late Sunday night outside of the White House in Washington, D.C around Lafayette Square. The anarchy that started Friday night persisted into late Sunday night. The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump was taken to a bunker on Friday night as the protesters became reckless and began violently throwing back the metal barricades. Trump tweeted that the article was ‘Fake News’’; however, that did not stop veteran leftist Michael Rappaport from tweeting. 

Nonetheless, the area outside the White House was another scene of leftist bedlam. An estimated 4,000 protesters had descended outside the White House over the weekend. On Saturday night, temporary barricades were installed for the protest. By nightfall, the barricades were knocked down by the leftist criminals. Bottles and rocks were consistently thrown at the White House. The D.C. National Police were summoned to help the United States Park Police.

The carnage continued Sunday night. After a reasonably peaceful Sunday protest, the rioters took their criminality to another level. Looters took to the Georgetown area and broke into an Apple and clothing stores. Vandals smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on businesses that just began reopening due to the Coronavirus panic. Washington, D.C. began looking like Minneapolis.

Weekend Chaos

The Secret Service officers took the chaos on the chin. The violent rioters attacked the officers with bricks and other projectiles. Over sixty Secret Service officers were injured in the melee, oftentimes was they tried to keep the barrier intact. 

Terrorist domestic organizations are now ‘planting cars filled with incendiary materials for future use,’ according to Fox News. Due to this information, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Homeland Security, and United States Marshalls also joined the police forces on the ground in D.C. on Sunday night. Even sacred institutes, such as the church, had no mercy from the chaos delivered by the criminal rioters on the street. 


Trump received no support from Democrat Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser who stated in a Saturday tweet, “My police department will always protect DC and all who are in it whether I agree with them (such as those exercising their First Amendment Right) or those I don’t (namely, @realdonaldtrump).” The liberal mayor had implemented a curfew for D.C. on Sunday night. Obviously her supporters, the rioters involved in the chaos, paid her no mind.

The chaos outside the White House is unprecedented. The criminal looters and rioters are enraged with their liberal sense of entitlement and have no issue destroying the property of others as the mayor of D.C. protects their First Amendment Rights. Seems like a whole lot of Democrat mayors are doing the same as the chaos continues. 


  1. This absolutely has nothing to do with George Floyd-it is the beginning of the end for the US and it is being financed by people other than the rioters. These thugs come from hundreds or thousands of miles away-and, they are NOT rich people-someone is financing them. Years ago, I read a manifesto (it may have been written by Soros) and it said that the way to convert a civil society into a socialist society started with riots. Persistent riots. Eventually it said, the people so tire of the carnage that they will almost accept any terms to make it stop. Then, the socialist steps in and agrees to stop it-the cost, many of your freedoms. My money is on the DNC and Soros as the major funders of the riots-we already know Biden is taking donations to use as bail by arrested rioters. What they want is our country.

  2. Seems George Floyd did NOT die as a result of the cop kneeling on his neck – read this: Floyd Autopsy Doesn’t Support Strangulation As Cause Of Death… found this on another website, (Streadfast Loyalty)and apparently Floyd was already suffering from some other issue/s, including intoxication.
    Question, though, why WAS Floyd arrested? Must have done SOMETHING to come to notice of police – But then, the lefties are of the opinion that they can say and do exactly as they please without any repercussions.

  3. Right, nothing to do with Floyd. It has to do with 24 hours of media coverage of the rioters and leading the rioters on. It has to do with elections coming and the democrats losing and feeling it and using the riots as a distraction and calling it racist as in white Trump racism. This is what this criminal activity is about, democrats as socialists seeping into our society and trying to over throw our country which even in it’s worse moments is still the best law system in the world as you are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers instead of a government judge law system in which you have to prove yourself innocent first. For some reason these democrat socialist young people think other law systems like communist socialist systems where you are guilty and you have to prove yourself innocent is better for them, however the rest of us prefer the innocent until proven guilty law system we now have. And setting others property on fire is arson, a criminal activity, looting others property is stealing/looting and is a criminal activity period under any law system, by the way.

  4. Now without proof some just call the Protestors leftist thugs when the US FBI and other intelligence agancies say a different thing. Now those agencies have said neary all of the distruction has been done by Far Right, Far left and anacharist groups like the Boologa Boys and militia groups, then there are those just taking advantage of the breakins to get free stuff.
    Just blaming one side when there are many factions is a real disservice to those who write these things trying to stir up more hate, is there something wrong with the truth, or it does not serve the purpose.

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