Armed 2a Supporters Stand Between Looters and Business Owner

Armed Second Amendment supporters stood between looters and business owners during Wednesday night’s George Floyd protest-turned-riot in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During last night’s criminal rampage, some true Americans bravely protected several Minneapolis shops, including a tobacco shop. These two self-described ‘heavily armed rednecks’ risked their lives and stood between looters and business owners.

These men were interviewed by Minnesota Reformer reporter Max Nesterak interviewed them. Nesterak asked the men to identify themselves. One answered, “Free Americans.” The Free Americans voiced that they had no issue with the protests regarding the death of George Floyd, but stood firmly against the looters and violence.

One of the Free Americans said, “It turns out these guys are out here with machetes and shattered windows trying to keep looters out of the businesses ’cause cops can’t get in here. So I figured before there were cops, there were just Americans, so here we are.”

Another of the Free Americans said, “Bottom line, justice for Floyd and I hope they stop looting at some point. If there were more of us we could go stop them from looting, but it’s just us four.”

The Twitter responses to the Free Americans were largely positive. One post stated, “Gotta love them good ol’ boys.” Another gleefully responded, “2nd amendment ladies and gentlemen.” Predictably, the leftist came on the attack.

Looters Made Out Like Bandits

Unfortunately, there were not enough Free Americans to protect Minneapolis from the looters on Wednesday night. Bring Me the News reported that over 50 businesses were reported damaged during the riot, including three in nearby St. Paul. The damage included arson, looting, graffiti, and the attempted theft of an ATM machine. 

Multiple individuals were videotaped going into businesses and stealing merchandise. The local Target was hit the hardest and contemptuous social justice warriors had no shame in walking in the Target and stealing from the store. Several of the thieves filled Target shopping carts and calmly walked out the door with the booty. In fact, as of Thursday morning, there were still looters targeting Target.

At the Target, the looters’ depravity had no bounds. A crippled white woman, bound to a wheelchair, was viciously attacked, sprayed with a fire extinguisher, and was a victim of an attempted robbery. Please click the Tweet below because there are two more videos in the thread documenting the assault. 

The mainstream media will not cover the Free Americans defending local businesses, nor will they cover the brutal attack of a white handicapped woman. One thing learned from the out-of-control nature of the looters is that the Second Amendment is needed in America.


  1. Insurance does not cover riots. Those people are out of business permanently, many are minority store owners. The chain stores will probably not rebuild. Where are the locals going to shop now? The Watts riots destroyed many businesses that never came back. The locals had to travel outside of their area to shop, or go without. These riots are not about justice. Those are about violence and stealing. There is a lawless element in society that is kept in check only by the fear of getting caught. Those rioters have no fear of getting caught so they are stealing what they can and destroying what they can’t steal. His death is a convenient excuse to riot. The rioters don’t really care about Floyd George. They care about violence and stealing things they think they are entitled to. It is a pretty sick mentality. I applaud the defenders of the businesses. There were similar defenders in the Long Beach riots years ago. We need more of them to stand up against the lawless when the law can’t.

  2. How do those who love the rioters know the businesses have insurance as many small businesses didn’t pay their insurance due to the virus. And riot lovers think it’s okay to destroy a business because they have insurance. These riot lovers need to set their own home on fire and set the place where they work on fire, you know, because they have insurance. They better have arsonist fire insurance because many insurances don’t cover an arsonist fire because it is usually extra for a high cost for small businesses. I am stunned at the attitude of hate of rioters and their lovers they show towards those who worked hard for what they had and I will bet the riot lovers of hate is because they don’t work for anything, they get their checks from an employer not from building their own business. These riot lovers need to lose what they have but I have a feeling they would still have no sympathy for others.

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