Secret RINO Cabal Steps Out of the Shadows for All to See

A secret Deep State cabal of undercover RINO’s just stepped out of the shadows. These exhibitionists can’t wait for everyone to see them. The DNC spin doctors are convinced Republicans are nothing but a bunch of dumb monkeys and they’re pinning their hopes for November on a tactic that boils down to “monkey see, monkey do.”

Relying on RINO’s to herd stray Republicans

Desperate Democrats think they’ve come up with a secret weapon but there are fatal errors in their logic. They assume that conservative and republican mean the same thing, they don’t. They also assume that conservative republicans care about the opinions of so called “moderate” members of the GOP. They’re really doing everyone a favor by pulling the democrat sleeper cells out of the shadowy closets they’ve been lurking in.

Deplorable MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters are focusing more on who to back in 2024 than pondering a choice for November. Democrats aren’t wasting their time on those types. Instead they want the whole RINO herd on their side of the fence. Their analysts have been studying “Republicans in name only” and they are convinced they’ll follow a few specially trained leaders right to the slaughter pen.

A group calling themselves “Republican Voters Against Trump” Just pumped $10 million into a “monkey see, monkey do” ad campaign. They put “GOP-leaning voters” from “top swing states” in their cross-hairs with targeted ads “featuring disaffected GOP voters,” a.k.a. “traitors,” who “say they are not voting for Trump.”

Brainless zombies on smart phones

Most of the 100 or so testimonials featured in the propaganda campaign “are recorded on smartphones,” so people will think they’re really human and not iPod people. “I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but I won’t vote for him again,” Jay, who’s afraid to give his last name, insists.

It all boils down to the herd mentality of follow the lemming. “People need to see other people like themselves,” said Sarah Longwell. She used to be a conservative but now she runs a nonprofit which makes a whole lot of money called “Defending Democracy Together.” Before the aliens replaced her, she knew that we live in a Republic, not a Democracy. Now she’s just another mindless RINO, like Jeff the Flake or Mitt Romney.

“The whole point of the project is for people to credibly make their case to other people,” Longwell said. “Trust in the media is down, trust in politicians is down. The people who they trust are people like them.” The brainwashing signals will be beamed out to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona, mostly on the interweb. A few television ads will air to fill the gaps.

One of the advisors to Jeb Bush’s ill-advised 2016 campaign, Tim Miller, teamed up with Never Trumper Bill Kristol to form the poisonous DDT group with Longwell. Another of their projects is aimed at RINO members in congress. The idea is to bombard their subconscious with subliminal messaging “to push congressional Republicans to seek more information on the Ukraine investigation.” It may backfire on them when they start investigating Joe Biden’s connections to the gas company that his crack-addicted son worked for in the Ukraine.

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