Watch: Police Officers Hand CNN Correspondent EPIC Dose of Karma

Be careful what you wish for. You might get it and it might be exactly the opposite of what you thought it was. The DNC can turn on its own. You think you’re protected. CNN, among others, has been asking for this for a long time. The freedom of the press comes with responsibilities. This goes for any free person. If you’re going to constantly report on things against anything pertaining to freedom you will eventually find yourself without it.

CNN = Communist News Network

CNN is one of the mouthpieces of the Democratic National Committee. The DNC has been pushing against the freedom of our country for many years. Telling people how bad Republicans are. How Democrats want to help everybody. How bad the country is since our founding is racist. So it makes sense to start tearing it apart.

At one point, news organizations just reported the news. Now it’s manufactured. The more sensational and crazy, the better. The news needs viewer’s eyes to keep up ratings. Without ratings, the news is now toast. So tell us again why we have the news.

CNN’s chickens just came home to roost

You were arrested and you don’t know why. You were told you could stand there. You counted on the police being correct. Now you don’t know if they had an agenda. Now you can’t trust those who you thought would protect you.

This is why the Second Amendment is so important, CNN. This is why we have our Constitution. Can you see this reason staring you in the face? Those words, that piece of paper is so important. It’s what separates us from the Communism you’ve been praising up and down, CNN. The people you profess to help, the people you work with, can pull your plug at any time. You’re seeing Communism’s swampy (pun intended) underbelly. It’s pretty scary, isn’t it?

Poling places are just as worthless

When Hillary was told she’d win in a landslide, poling places told her what she wanted to hear. It wasn’t the truth. So it was entertaining to watch them back pedal, justifying their existence. CNN and other major news organizations crossed that line some time ago. Somebody is paying to keep CNN and others afloat. Many Democrats are part of these organizations. Now Democrats may be trying to justify their existence.

Americans have seen the Democratic party tear down things we’ve all grown to believe in and trust. Things the United States was built on. With all our faults, many countries still have refugees literally dying to get here. We offer things many nations can’t. It’s the human condition to want to be free. But with that freedom comes responsibility. There are things you shouldn’t do, even if you have the freedom to do them. That’s where learning our history is important.

  1. He obviously breached the restricted time/area zone, to be arrested. He was most likely not supposed to be there. Just because he’s a reporter doesn’t give him access in a curfew.

    1. The idiots from the Media think they are in charge, so wrong, I have NO use for ANY of them, shut them down !!

  2. Keep up the good work you guys……I am blessed every time I notice the truth in the media, which is infrequent if at all.
    Thank you for your service.

  3. Why? Probably because they were not where they were supposed to be. Omar stated they were moving back, but it didn’t appear as if they were, in fact, moving back. It looked as if the police discussed it, briefly, among themselves and decided to arrest him and his crew. It was quite obvious the crew had moved back, either.

  4. LOL….I think this is pretty funny actually. Poor babies. The one dumb-bunny says, “I can’t believe it…I just can’t believe this.” Well, butt-wipe guess what…believe it. It just happened…they were NOT where they needed to be. Where were ALL the other news media? Seems funny only Communist News Network was there…but not any other media.

  5. I love the Communist News Network reference. It’s what I’ve been calling them.
    But I disagree with the “How bad the country is since our founding is racist.”
    The Constitution prohibits the making of ex post facto law. Ex post facto is a law that makes illegal, an act that was legal when committed.
    Our Founding Is Not Racist, because it was not a crime back then. Our founding is based on freedom. How dare you taint that with a racist chant. Shame on you.

  6. Too bad that maggot acosta wasn’t there to have been arrested along w/you cnn pukes. Good job officers.

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