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The official Democrat line on critical race theory is that it doesn’t exist but if it does then children of all ages deserve to be force-fed with it from Seattle to Miami. An elementary school in Denver, Colorado has made BLM official doctrine with its planned participation in the “Week of Action” organized nationally by Black Lives Matter. The best part of all of this? There are only three black students in the entire school.

Elementary school teaching racial grievances to 5-year-olds

Centennial Elementary School attracted attention last month for advertising a playground night exclusively for “families of color.”

Now the school will be the only one in the district participating officially in BLM’s Week of Action, despite the backlash it received for the no-whites-allowed playground night.

The Week of Action involves each day of the week being devoted to a specific demand of BLM. What a classroom of 1st graders is meant to do when presented with a list of demands from a global Marxist movement is anyone’s guess.

The school itself countered questions about the ethics of what it’s teaching 5-year-olds by telling critics that it is “never too early to start talking about race.”

That’s a particularly ghoulish remark given the racial makeup of the school. Teachings from BLM might intend to make the three black students feel very good about themselves, but what about the rest?

As with any of the racial doctrines being taught in American public schools, the intention is to brainwash these very young children into entering a life of self-loathing and social inferiority.

Telling children to hate the nuclear family

Ask any leftist if something like this is intentional and happening on a large scale in American public schools and they will deny it; the mainstream media mocked Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin for banning something they say doesn’t exist.

In practice, schools like Centennial Elementary are actively pushing BLM doctrines on students with the barely concealed purpose of denigrating white students.

The agenda for the school includes teaching elementary school students about the virtues of “globalism, transgender affirming, queer affirming, collective value, intergenerational, Black families, Black villages” and other leftist buzzwords.

The destruction of the traditional nuclear family is a pretty explicit aim of the BLM Week of Action. Parents in this district are paying tax dollars to have their children taught that their family should be dismantled.

The school doubtless would deny teaching critical race theory officially, but all of its tenets are being espoused through these teachings.

Unfortunately, any parents who complain too strongly about these reprehensible lessons risk getting themselves placed on an FBI watch list.

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