Mole Threw Joe’s Name Around in Apparent Shakedown

The world has known for a year that the Biden family mole, “One Eye,” was peddling Joe around Estonia in what seems a lot like a “shakedown” for more money. Hindsight is 20/20, they say. In this case, there wasn’t any framework for the news to grab any attention. Since then, we learned who One Eye really is, and also that Joe Biden apparently did something a whole lot similar with Burisma in Ukraine.

Mole threw Joe’s name around

It’s important to know that the Biden family DOJ mole, who Hunter Biden called “One Eye” when the family sold his services to the Chinese, as confirmed by on the run witness Gal Luft, is former FBI director Louis Freeh. Who happens to only have one eye. Nobody knew the extent of his direct connection and use of influence on behalf of the Biden family.

That’s why, when the story broke September 30, 2021, nobody had a clue how serious the allegations were and what they really implied.

Six months worth of correspondence revealed to the Estonian public that Louis Freeh’s law firm, “Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan and the Estonian finance ministry traded flattery, veiled threats and obtuse legal back-and-forth – all for €200,000 and a bunch of documents.” We didn’t know he was a mole burrowed in to the DOJ for the direct benefit of the Bidens, as well. Hunter (allegedly) billed his Chinese clients $1,000,000 in exchange for Freeh to “keep an eye out for any investigation.

When one popped up, Freeh dutifully notified the Chinese. One of them hired Hunter as his lawyer for another $1,000,000 while the other was “disappeared” in China. We know that now, we didn’t when the Estonia scandal hit the news.

Prior to January this year, €581,000 had been paid,” Minister of Finance Keit Pentus-Rosimannus declared, “216 days after the conclusion of the contract between the Estonian finance ministry and Washington law firm Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan.” That wasn’t enough for Joe Biden’s pet mole.

Outstanding invoices for a part of January and February come to €190,000.” More or less, the minister admitted, depending on the exchange rate on the day it gets paid. “Prime Minister Kallas appears to misunderstand the nature of our work and the U.S. law concerning the ways the people of Estonia can obtain important remedies for any misconduct by the Scandinavian banks,” Freeh promised.

Apparent shake down

Just like when the mafia guys talk on the phone about making sauce or gravy, it has nothing to do with the meal, the true meaning of everything is diplomatically concealed in innuendo. There’s enough to read between the lines but only if you compare it to what we just learned about Freeh being the Biden’s mole. As the European reporter wrote at the time, “There is no reason to believe, however, that the legal nature of the correspondence makes for dull reading. The reader is treated to threats, alleged mortal fear on the part of anonymous witnesses and the peculiar way of doing things at the ministry in the 21st century.” That’s what the owner of Burisma learned, too.

The fact that the whole matter concerns the largest money laundering scandal in the history of Estonia might also have something to do with it.” It turns out that “Estonia’s former finance minister Martin Helme hired Louis Freeh to help unmask the wrongdoing of Scandinavian banks and for Estonia to walk away from the scandal with a substantial payment.” The Big Guy practically guaranteed they’d all make a bundle. People in government started asking questions and learned “Freeh basically represented the other side even during our investigation, despite certain legal maneuvering.

A month after Joe Biden moved into the White House, incoming “Minister of Finance Keit Pentus-Rosimannus received a colorful letter on February 10 that started with pleasantries.” It soon got down to business. “Next, as if out of the blue, Freeh wrote how the new U.S. administration is in as much of a hurry as the newly sworn in Estonian cabinet.” It gets better.

Our President, a friend and Delaware neighbor for 30 years, nevertheless found time to attend Sunday Mass in our Wilmington, Delaware Parish this past Sunday,” Freeh added. Meaning the mole had a secret meeting with Joe which wasn’t logged on the books. After church, Freeh “made ‘excellent’ progress and established high-level contacts between the Estonian finance ministry and U.S. authorities.

It gets even better than that. “Given our prior service with those agencies (especially DOJ) and our good reputation and credibility, the prosecutors and regulators have welcomed our role and tasked us with continuing to work with the FSA and PGO to provide evidence that is critical for a successful US prosecution.” We’re the guys to get the job done, he bragged. Then assured them he “was not a Kremlin agent, which has been suggested in the media.” That’s when Biden’s well trained mole seems to shake them down.

I believe that our abrupt termination at this point will send confusing and counterproductive messages to the USA authorities.” That could get nasty. “It would be very disadvantageous to Estonia to terminate what is now a very successful undertaking.” The Big Guy is not happy. When cornered about it, “Pentus-Rosimannus was not quick to characterize Freeh’s letter as a threat.” Instead, he noted, “I would rather describe it as a standard, albeit unpleasant, practice of a firm that realizes it is about to lose favorable contract using somewhat surprising methods that are not exactly in line with best practices.” Perhaps, he added, “such tactics have proven successful on other international markets.” Like with Burisma in Ukraine and CEFC in China. “However, they are not in Estonia.

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