Governor Pledges to Restore Trust in Govt. and ‘Restore Power to the People’

Glenn Youngkin, the first Republican to govern Virginia in nearly a decade, is vowing to “restore trust in government, and to restore power to the people” as he begins his term as governor. Youngkin won a impressive upset victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in November, having shifted his campaign to focus on race and education issues as Virginia found itself at the center of a conflict between parents and public schools.

Governor Youngkin takes office

Youngkin, who was not expected to win his race, did not seem to be a very remarkable candidate when he initially launched his campaign.

As a Republican running for statewide office in an increasingly blue Virginia, Youngkin appeared to be doomed to lose to Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former governor trying to return to his old office.

As election day neared, however, Glenn Youngkin did something incredible; he actually shifted his campaign to focus on the issues which Virginia voters were passionate about.

As governor, Youngkin promised to support Virginia parents in their battle against left-wing extremists running the school boards and forcing their radical agenda on students.

With Virginia, and Loudon County in particular, as one of the focal points in the national war fight over critical race theory and transgender policy, Youngkin’s wise strategic choice made him a national figure and real contender in the race.

Now in office, Youngkin seems to be taking the first steps towards assuring voters that his promises were more than just campaign rhetoric.

Day one order bans CRT in schools

The new governor immediately signed an executive order banning critical race theory in schools, along with a series of other day one orders meant to show the state’s new direction.

Youngkin, however, was smart enough to note that Virginia public schools officially aren’t teaching courses which use the term “critical race theory.”

The debate over CRT has frequently descended into semantics, but Youngkin was prepared to tell Virginia parents that he would not be allowing schools to get away with a simple name change.

The fact of the matter is that all of the facets of CRT are being taught in Virginia public schools, even if that label isn’t technically applied. An understanding of this is essential if the governor wishes to earn the trust of Virginians who voted for him.

Students across the country are being so heavily indoctrinated with anti-white rhetoric that they do not even recognize CRT as anything noteworthy or unusual. Youngkin’s victory shows that voters are increasingly willing to rebel against this.

The governor otherwise made the usual promises to voters about being faithful to their wishes and listening to their concerns. Virginia voters will have to make him stick to those promises, but Youngkin is at least off to a good start.

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