RINOs Scrambling to Keep Deep State Masked

Rogue Republican in name only RINOs on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are scrambling to keep disgraced FBI Director James Comey, his cohort in crime, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, and other high ranking Obama officials off the witness stand. Chairman Ron Johnson has been trying to rip the mask away from the Deep State Obamagate conspirators, but there’s at least one holdout stopping everything cold. Johnson is shielding identities so as not to hurt reelection chances.

RINOs afraid of election ‘influence’

The balky Republicans may not be full RINOs but they sure are acting like it. Senator Johnson is frustrated that his allegedly conservative colleagues are actually stooping low enough to prevent subpoenas from being issued. Johnson wants to haul in the obvious criminal conspirators. Nervous Republicans claim to be afraid that something which Americans have been arguing over for the past four years will suddenly influence the upcoming elections.

The way his committee is stacked, Johnson needs the full support of all eight Republicans. Even one defector would result in a 7-7 deadlock. “If I lose one, I lose the vote,” Johnson explains. He’s not going to let RINOs ruin his day and he won’t hurt anyone’s chances with the voters at home by outing them publicly. He’s relying on his amigo Lindsey Graham, who is calling most of the same names to be interrogated by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Graham is dying to find out what Christopher Wray has to say about a briefing he set up on Valentine’s day in 2018, where Andrew McCabe and the other officials present intentionally lied to Graham’s committee. Christopher Wray’s head could roll over that one.

Johnson told radio interviewer Hugh Hewitt that he’s working on the investigation “non-stop.” Even so, he’s not about to commit to scheduling a vote for the next meeting of his committee. “Not on a radio show, Hugh. Sorry.” It’s sad to see so much “reluctance” in Senate Republicans to wrap up the investigation. It makes them look like RINOs even if they aren’t.

Beating the same dead Russian horse

Democrats have convinced some of the RINOs on the committee that the Obamagate probe is nothing but “a conduit for foreign disinformation aimed at former Vice President Joe Biden less than three months before the election.” They’re still beating the same dead Russian horse.

Johnson wasn’t about to drag anyone on his committee out of the closet, but one of the prospective RINOs is already waving the Progressive Pride flag. Mitt Romney sits on the panel and even though he still has an R listed after his name, everyone knows he’s a full-blown Democrat. He’s afraid some of the FBI’s corruption is going to splatter back on him. He’s been complaining for weeks about the “political overtones.” It’s kind of hard not to have political overtones when the subject matter of the investigation is the election itself.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama were both fully aware of the illegal conspiracy and helped it along. If the 2020 Democrat candidate (allegedly) illegally spied on the 2016 Republican candidate to help the Democrat candidate, then it’s easy to see how the prospect of jail time or a hanging might influence his chances. All it takes is one of the RINOs who the Democrats plant as sleeper cells to stop the whole investigation in its tracks.

This specific situation is why the independent conservatives in Arizona are about to willingly elect a second Democrat Senator and flip the state from red to blue. Arizona’s libertarian and freelance conservatives picked a peaceful way to boogie with the GOP, and “became unreasonable.” Jeff Flake was a Democrat who called himself Republican. John McCain was a Republican who eventually became one of the rogue RINO’s, and by the end was as bad as Flake. Arizona conservatives rejected RINO Martha McSally and handed her seat to Democrat Kristin Sinema, in 2018, who turned out to be a DINO. McSally was back doored into McCain’s seat by “double-crossing” RINO Governor Doug Ducey and she managed to snag the GOP nomination for this November. Independent conservatives are gearing up to send the NO MORE RINOS message yet again, by welcoming Democrat Mark Kelly, another DINO, to the Senate. Even if he is a spy for China, he’s not Martha McSally.

  1. The story is about RINOs and DINOs and though it may sound like a RINO and a DINO might be pretty close to the same thing, they are, in fact, totally different For instance a DINO, even though they have some conservative leaning ideas will ALWAYS vote exactly as Chuckie Schumer requires them to. Now, if you look at a RINO, they seem to take a very special pride in sticking it to the Republicans they caucus with. This is the reason a RINO is still better than a DINO every time-a DINO is a guaranteed Democrat vote, while a RINO is a fifty fifty shot at making a Republican vote. Not much better, but definitely better.

  2. By deliberately preventing the truth to come out they are purposefully influencing the election and promoting their2 tiered injustice system! As they well know, the proper exercise of decision-making by the electorate in any republic requires free access to all truthful information! The public must see everything in order to make good decisions (Just what the privileged and elite aristocrats, demos and rings alike, want to prevent!)! Death to all TRAITORS!

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