The FBI just got busted. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is feeling more than a little nervous. The current rat guarding the cheese, Christopher Wray, is too. Deep State elements of the Federal Bureau of Instigation were well aware that at least three particular statements which they made under oath were lies, long before they told them. Even though Lindsey Graham didn’t name any names, McCabe was listed as one participant in the February 14, 2018 briefing which was set up by Wray.

FBI busted cold for lying to the Senate

On Monday, Senator Lindsey Graham sent a letter off to current FBI Director Christopher Wray, which shows that one or more FBI officials flat out lied to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about important core Obamagate issues. His request to the Federal Bureau of Instigation asks for all the “documents related to a briefing that the FBI provided” about the “primary source” for former British spy Christopher Steele. It proves the jig is up, they’re busted.

A recently declassified FBI memo, talking about the Senate briefing, “indicates that the bureau downplayed discrepancies between what Steele reported in his dossier and what the primary source for the document, Igor Danchenko, told the FBI in a series of interviews in 2017,” DailyCaller writes.

Senator Graham flat out accused the FBI “of lying to Congress about the dossier.” They lied in the briefing to the Senate intelligence panel and they also lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Graham writes, “what is particularly troubling about this briefing is that the outline of the briefing indicates that at least three material misrepresentations regarding the Primary Sub-source and what he told the FBI about the Steele dossier in 2017 were made to the committee.”

Christopher Wray’s head on the block

Senator Graham also noted that Christopher Wray personally arranged the Feb. 14, 2018 briefing, which puts his head on the chopping block, too. According to Graham, “the memo prepared for the briefing said that Danchenko did not cite any significant concerns with the way his reporting was characterized in the dossier to the extent he could identify it.” That was a flat out lie. When Danchenko learned he was quoted as saying that, he came unglued.


The FBI also lied, and knew they were lying when they said under oath that they believed “that the dossier was not fabricated by Steele.” They cut all ties with him long before over that very controversy. As Graham points out, while the statements are “clearly inaccurate” as documented by the Justice Department inspector general’s report of Crossfire Hurricane, it’s worse than that.

“More importantly, however, is the fact that, based on its interviews with the Primary Sub-source, the FBI knew each of these statements was inaccurate at the time they were included in the outline for the briefing of the Intelligence Committee.” One word says it all. Busted! Now we know why Chris Wray has been “stonewalling the production of documents related to Crossfire Hurricane.”

  1. And what will happen? Absolutely nothing. If anything was going to happen with this whole mess, it wouldn’t be so slow walked. There can be no need for redactions in requested documents because everything the DOJ and FBI did was fake and based on lies. All of the major players are”made men” in the swamp. If the GOP doesn’t hold the Senate it’s going to die, even though there’s no way it’s not illegal acts against the law, to even the dems. It’s a damned shame that even the law is a partisan issue.

    1. “The wheels of Justice grind slowly, but they grind fine”. Don’t underestimate Bill Barr or John Durham. The first to fall has copped a guilty plea. Strzok is attacking Durham now because he is flat out scared of what he knows is coming. Durham’s report is due “before the end of summer”, which means about a month left. Let us see what happens. JMO

  2. Enough of this BS! gibberish. I am so tired of the ramblings of criminal actions and nobody is being charged by a Grand Jury.
    Tell us what we want to see. We want the scum criminals prosecuted including Clintons and Obama.

  3. Government is designed to protect the rats that live there. Not one damn thing will come of any investigation of government it’s all just for show.

    1. This joke of lies is the exact reason America needs a militia that can act upon low life douche bags trying to undermine the American system that have all the people in their pockets. These people need to be held accountable, including the Kenyan born muslime

    2. Except for-Brennan got caught in a perjury trap last week. Durham interviewed him at Langley, rather than in DC. That’s the jurisdiction of a much more conservative federal court. One must be very careful in proceeding. You really want indictment in DC?

  4. Offer Wray an escape clause deal shielding him from prosecution IF HE TURNS STATE’S EVIDENCE THAT CAN BE VERIFIED against any and all who colluded as nearly ALL in the Obama administration in a variety of offices KNEW the Steele Dossier was a fake and an attempt to overthrow the duly elected :President of the United States ; BY ANY AND ALL MEANS POSSIBLE , LEGAL OR NOT! And this was BEFORE he was elected! (AND CONTINUED INEXORABLY, EVER SINCE!) When that failed as a fraud, the 3 stooges, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler and the Dumbocrats made up baseless allegations and held the Kangaroo Court Impeachment hearings which only showed they have no concept of either TRUTH OR DUE PROCESS. As a Result, these swamp slime slithering reptiles NEED to be held responsible and accountable!U.S.Code Chapter 18 describes and defines what constitutes acts of BOTH sedition and High Treason. If applied to the entire Rotten Obama Deep State Cabal which every day that passes is becoming more revealed; THE WHOLE FOREVER BE DAMNED CREW OF FRAUDS AND TRAITORS NEED TO BE INDICTED, CHARGED, TRIED BY A GRAND JURY AND IF FOUND GUILTY AFTER TRIALS IN COMPLETELY ADHERED TO DUE PROCESS, PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST AND MOST SEVERE OF PENALTIES ALSO PROVIDED IN CHAPTER 18. That would be a case of true and Equitable Justice, SOMETHING WE HAVE NOT HAD IN THIS COUNTRY FOR DECADES!And, this disabled Vietnam Vet has had a degree in Government for 53 years, earned in 1967 and unlike many in it; KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT! look up the reference, apply it, then NEVER vote for one of these venomous vermin, EVER!

  5. Now just another one sided report to fire up Trump supporters. Now this infraction was pointed out over a year ago by the Department IG who also said this did not effect the outcome of anything, mainly because of the other solid evidence, and that it was not serious enough to recommend legal action against the person. Now Barr with having to show his investigation has found something has to file charges against someone when the wrong doing was pointed out over 1 year ago by that IG who fully investigated the incident. Now the Republican Intelligence Committee has put out a report saying the same thing about the infraction, and pointed out other violations made by the Campaign persons and Trump family member who they have recommended for prosecution. Now when investigating it is hard to hide such blatant facts.

  6. How do they the Top FBI and others like Wray suppose to get away with Lying and Covering up and Nancy and others saying No one is above the Law not even the President and Remember Obama and Was the President too and How many Lies did he tell What!!

  7. I find myself in the middle of a mental battle. All my life I worked in concert with numerous three/four letter agencies specifically the FBI. Never have I doubted that people (including FBI Special Agents) mislead you for their benefit or to saver their ass! Albeit professionally insulting, during those times I almost understood? However, to lie and mislead the American public when under oath is ILLEGAL and must be prosecuted!

  8. Mr President first order from your temporary office is to fire Wray please. He is your enemy and protecting the traitors which makes him an accessory to the fact. We love you Mr President but please choose another FBI agent you can trust like Grenell.

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