Lunatic Liberal Teacher Gets FIRED After Jumping Off the Leftist Deep End

That’s unusual behavior for a school district to fire somebody that rants like this. Many school districts nationwide are liberal. That’s one of many reasons why we’re in the mess we’re in. Among other things parents might find offensive nationwide is being called dumb or stupid by their student’s teacher. Utah probably isn’t the only place that has happened. Homeschooling can happen too when push comes to shove.

A liberal administration can own the education system

But only to a point. Leah Kinyon was a teacher at the Alpine School district who has actually done this before. The student just thought to record it this time.

All Americans are entitled to their different opinions, but not when you’re teaching a class. The professionals will leave politics out of it. You also do not call the parents dumb. Period.

A liberal is going to have an opposite world view

From a conservative. It’s like oil and water now, not a good mix. Conservatives are just that, conservative. We’re not as likely to scream in your face and maybe destroy things like ANTIFA and BLM did that summer.

Among the things Kinyon ranted about was vaccines. “I don’t have to be happy about the fact that there’s kids coming in here with their variants that could possible get me or my family sick,” she said, “That’s rude. And I’m not going to pretend like it’s not so don’t ask me to.” Wait a minute, Ms. Kinyon, if you’re vaccinated, you’re protected, right? You’ve taken care of you. Let others take care of themselves in the manner they see fit.

A liberal is gonna hate

Trump. Period. That goes without saying but she said it anyway. “I hate Donald Trump. I’m going to say it. I don’t care what y’all think. Trump sucks. He is a sexual predator. He’s a literal moron.” The problem is 66% of the voters in the area you teach voted for him. Even if that didn’t upset parents, your final nail in the coffin was calling the parents dumb and stupid.

Ms. Kinyon ranted, “Most of y’all’s parents are dumber than you. I’m going to say that out loud. My parents are freaking dumb.” A liberal goes off the deep end when they tell kids not to listen to their parents, “You don’t have to do everything your parents say and you don’t have to believe everything your parents believe because most likely you’re smarter than them.”

This liberal may actually go away

She was probably told to sit down and shut up for a little while at first to talk with students and parents. She was put on administrative leave at first before firing. The school board stated, “We became aware late this afternoon of an incident that took place today in one of our high school classrooms. An immediate investigation ensued. The employee has been put on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation. This behavior is inappropriate, not reflective of the professional conduct and decorum we expect of our teachers, and will not be tolerated.”

Later it was announced that she’d been fired. “The teacher involved is no longer an employee of Alpine School District.” Utah conservatives and other conservatives nationwide defended Trump because he’s a fellow businessman, not a politician. Correct, sometimes he was offensive. Sometimes all of us are. The founders knew we couldn’t put angels in office so we look for the next best thing.  And don’t call parents dumb.

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