Democrat Ran State Defunds the Police, Then They Just Allocated a Ridiculous Amount of Money for Sex Workers

In the Big Apple, there’s always cash for hookers even when there’s no money for police. Whether you call them sex “workers” or “victims of illegal sex trafficking,” the reality is that New York City just managed to find $4 million to give their local whores a fair share of tax-payer-funded resources, after the City Council slashed a massive $5 billion from their 2021 budget.

Prostitutes more popular than police

The Police Department’s budget got attacked with one of MS-13’s machetes while street-walkers are slated to receive a whopping $4 million bucks worth of taxpayer money in the form of housing, medical care, and legal services. Along with that comes a lengthy list of services one law enforcement observer calls “countless other aspects to meet the needs of those engaging in earning income via ill-gotten gains.”

The executive director of the LGBTQ Center Destination Tomorrow in the Bronx, Sean Coleman, is thrilled that his nonprofit got handed $460,000 in “sex worker” money. He insists it comes just in time. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an influx of sex workers who are reaching out asking for assistance with paying rent, utilities and food.”

While sexually transmitted diseases, obvious IV drug use, and other nasty habits traditionally haven’t had much of an effect on overall business, Covid-19 hit them hard. Law Enforcement Today is quick to note that “to be fair, the ‘sex worker’ funds did have a slight cut from last year’s allocated prostitute money.” Last year’s budget was $4.38 million. Meanwhile cops practically have to buy their own bullets, while they still are allowed to carry a gun.

Social services and health care

The public hospital system gets a $700,000 chunk of the harlot handout money “to assist people in the sex trade.” Sanctuary for Families also renewed their $500,000 contract to offer social services and healthcare to “sex workers.” Prostitutes will also qualify for help with their housing costs.

Prostitution is one of those crimes which is only enforced on a pro-forma basis. It’s supposed to be illegal but only prosecuted on a limited scale, while the practice in general thrives in the open. Drug use is a similar crime. Everybody does it, a few get caught. The money keeps flowing as the authorities get a little grease to look the other way. Penalties are more geared to generating revenue than discouraging the crime. Lots of people on both sides of the political fence feel that prostitution should be legalized.

There’s nothing stigmatic about making money in the world’s oldest profession. Those who enjoy a career in the field should be allowed to ply their trade as freely as any other entrepreneur. As Sebastian Kohn points out, “if they are really invested in improving sex workers’ lives, they also need to deal with structural policy issues like criminalization and over-policing.”

  1. The real prostitute is De Blasio. How in hell did New York City elect this POS? He should be driven from town on a rail but we would be sad for wherever the SOB went. It looks likie New Yorkers cannot get it straight when electing officials..hmmm Cuomo, De Blasio, Clinton, AOC, Schumer and on and on…nothing but crap.

  2. He’s going to cut 22K jobs because he can’t find the money to pay for those city workers but he can find a few million to paint BLM graffiti on the roads and pay hookers. Good job.

  3. It sounds as though New York City is working hard to see that everybody gets screwed. First, they remove the police so you will be screwed by robbers and thieves. And, if you haven’t gotten your fill from that…well, you know.

  4. LGBT owns the democratic party and their agenda is perverted sex so LGBTQ people can do their sex out in the open like in San Franciso where streets are blocked off so LGBTQ people can roam up and down the streets protected by police and go naked while having sex with each other while people hang out the windows watching. Democrats love the money LGBTQ gives them and loves to promote sexual activity in our public libraries and public schools to our kids because it seems to be a lot on their brains if anybody has bothered to notice.

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