Video: Police Abandon Their Post at NY City Hall…BLM and Activists Take Control of a Once Prosperous City

You won’t hear much about this from the mainstream media, but here’s a video the moment New York City Police Department abandon the territory in front of City Hall to anarchists. Just as they were ordered to do. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have a new CHAZ. The city council caved in to the children of darkness and borrowed a machete from MS-13 to cut the throat of the police department. The anarchists still aren’t happy and promise they aren’t going anywhere. Over on the left coast, police continue to battle anarchists for control of Seattle streets so New York anarchists want one of their own, it’s only democratic.

Police abandon New York City Hall

On the first of July, 2020, a handful of anarchist protesters undid two hundred and fifty years of history. The sworn officers of law and order were ordered by their paymasters to stop enforcing the laws and abandon their posts. The city’s so called “lawmakers” are behind the ridiculous charade. On Wednesday, Police were actually forced to fight a holding action, as rioters “spilled over from the park and onto the street in attempts to expand their ‘cop free’ zone.”

George Soros inspired Black Lives Matter anarchists seized control of the park in front of City Hall specifically so they could demand that the city pull a full one billion dollars from the police budget. They got their demand. Just like any other terrorist bully, they aren’t satisfied. They won’t be happy until all the police are gone.

The occupiers have covered the buildings and anything else they can spray paint with graffiti. They barricaded subway stations and they’re piling trash and clothes everywhere. It looks exactly like the homeless camp it is. After only a week, “the campsite’s image of an organized, occupied protest area was a thing of the past.”

It’s not enough

New York City bowed to pressure from the liberal progressive masses and hacked the city’s police budget across the throat with a machete. $1 Billion of the department’s life blood gushed out into the sewer, along the filth lined streets. “It’s not enough, protesters howl,” and progressive city lawmakers agree. They can’t wait to abandon their obligations to the public.

“This was a hard-fought battle, which marks the beginning of the Council’s efforts to not only limit the size and scope of the NYPD, but also reimagine how we structure criminal justice and public safety in this city,” the open societies favoring council admits.

The New York City Council shifted $354 million over to “the Department of Education, the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene and the Department of Homeless Services,” under the excuse they are “best positioned to carry out the duties that have been previously assigned to the New York Police Department.” Cops can’t wait for the first time one of the social workers encounters a 6’6″ 350 pound naked homeless schizophrenic high on spice.


  1. The begging of the end for New York it sickens me to see our nation witch was founded on law and order fall prey and give in to such rabble.

  2. Now I hope all the people in New York can see all the cockroaches in plane sight. The people that want Law & Order just found out YOU DON’T COUNT! Thanks to the NUT JOBS THAT RULE NEW YORK. VOTE FOR JOE IN NOVEMBER AND YOUR CITY CAN BE JUST LIKE NEW YORK. HOW SAD!!!!!!

  3. Please stop calling the AntifaBLM thugs “anarchists”. No real Anarchist would put up with being ruled by a gang of self-styled warlords. The AntifaBLM looters have proved by their actions that they are Fascists, pure and simple. Please call them by their rightful name.

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