Biden’s Impeachment is Becoming a Reality

At least one Republican Representative is openly calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden. Representative Chip Roy, of Texas, expressed his support for impeaching both Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in response to their handling of the unprecedented numbers of migrants crossing the southern border, a crisis which is getting worse despite months of assurances from the White House.

Republican calls for impeachment

Representative Roy argued that Biden should be impeached for failing to do his constitutional duties in neglecting the border situation.

In refusing to enforce existing immigration laws Biden and Mayorkas are, according to Roy, ignoring their constitutional obligation to enforce the law and protect American borders.

Impeachment as an answer to the border situation would be the most extreme options available if Republicans decide at any point to pursue it seriously.

Such a case could rely on the fact that the Biden White House has done nothing that might actually slow down the surge of illegal immigrants, if they are not actively facilitating it.

Despite a number of announcements and pleas neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris have shown much interest in discouraging illegal immigrants.

The perception that a Biden Administration will be much easier on illegal crossings than the Trump Administration was has not been seriously challenged by anyone in the administration.

Unprecedented border crisis

Representative Roy argued that impeachment would be a proper answer to what is becoming a major threat to the lives of both Americans and foreign citizens hoping to cross the border.

Most of the current wave of migrants are coming through Mexico from other countries. Widespread crime in Mexico is still a threat to the border and criminal organizations often take advantage of prospective migrants.

Additionally, most of the illegal immigrants who have arrived at the border in recent months have been adult men without families.

While most of these men may not be criminals, almost all of them are clearly entering the United States solely to find work and receive support from the government if possible.

Biden and Harris entered office with the promise that they would not be the Trump Administration. To begin a crackdown on illegal border crossings would be too reminiscent of the last administration for many in the White House.

An impeachment attempt would probably fail even after the 2022 midterm elections, though by calling for it Roy is already bringing more attention to the situation at the border.

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