Rep Madison Cawthorn Explodes on Nancy Pelosi on House Floor [Video]

What made Rep. Madison Cawthorn need to say this? Maybe, among other things, that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had the power to throw out a duly elected President? How many people has she had murdered because they talked too much? People go into government for the money. Those same people may leave government after just a couple years. With that money comes people willing to kill for it.

Pelosi will probably just overlook him

As political theater and bluster. He has no power. Trump on the other hand, had the power to thwart her. She’s used to getting what she wants so she threw Trump out.

Rep. Cawthorn mentioned Pelosi arresting those who refuse the vaccine or masks, “personal medical decisions”. Arresting people for refusing the vaccine or refusing to mask in the United States? You’re not going to find that here. One article said as much. “It’s unconstitutional and un American”. But yet, here we are. Has this representative’s population been threatened with this?

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Pelosi is Queen

Everybody knows it. You will bow down to her. She can cut off your groceries, among other things. If you’re forced to get vaccinated or mask to eat, then so be it.

“Honorable” is name only. It’s just a title. You can be anything in name only. Your behaviors and actions will dictate how well that title applies. Pelosi is nasty. She will take down a population if they don’t agree with her.

We can hope there will be teeth behind Cawthorn’s words

Hopefully his family isn’t threatened like so many others have. As more than one commenter has put it, “You can’t arrest all of us”.

Cawthorn is correct, Pelosi is outnumbered. She might have tons of security, but every security system has a weak spot in the armor. Given time, that can be found. And in war, to take what you can get. To the victor go the spoils.

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