Arizona Gov Makes MAJOR Decision to Protect the State

It makes sense and more states could join. Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott started sending illegals to DC. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey now sees the wisdom of that. Title 42 is ending so there are a ton of migrants now waiting at the border. Border states will see enormous amounts of illegals coming up and the Biden administration has offered nothing to help deal with that so they’re being sent to DC

Arizona is another border state

Unafraid to do what is necessary. So far two buses have left Yuma containing 60 people from 12 countries.

The border is under assault with very little help from the federal government. “With Arizona community resources under all-time demand, and little action or assistance from the federal government, individuals who entered Arizona seeking asylum have the opportunity to voluntarily be transported to Washington, D.C.,” Governor Ducey explained.

Both sides of the aisle in Arizona

Understand current resources are unable to deal with what’s coming. Democrat Congressman Tom O’Halleran said we really need to talk, “I think the time is needed for somebody to sit down with the people who are organizing this and find out when they’ll have their act together.”

O’Halleran toured the area in Cochise County and asked if the administration could at least delay ending Title 42, “Both the Border Patrol and immigration at the ports of entry did not give me the confidence that they have been brought up to speed in a collaborative process.”

Arizona is about to get flooded

But not with water. O’Halleran spoke to a number of officials who didn’t see the Biden administration being ready to help at all.

O’Halleran is worried, “I don’t think it’s going to work out. I think there’s going to be a tremendous amount of backlog. There are going to be people going through the process efficiently. But for the most part, it’s going to be chaotic.”

An Arizona Senator doesn’t think the feds are ready

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema spoke with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at a recent hearing. It’s too soon.

“DHS needs to put the necessary resources on the ground and implement processing system improvements in a manner that will keep Arizona communities safe, and treat migrants fairly and humanely.” ABC15 continued, “The Biden Administration’s public insistence to rescind Title 42 on May 23 will get its day in court Friday. Arizona and 20 other states will try and convince a Federal Judge in Louisiana it’s too soon to lift Title 42. Judge Robert Summerhays indicated last month he is inclined to issue a temporary restraining order delaying the end of Title 42.”

Arizona buses are moving

Right along with Texas. Fox News confirmed,

“TDEM said it dispatched buses over the weekend to border communities where it coordinated with officials to identify these immigrants. The agency added that each bus has the capacity and supplies necessary to carry up to 40 migrants released in Texas communities and transport them to Washington, D.C. Abbott announced last week that he was directing the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to transport migrants released from federal custody in Texas to the nation’s capital and other locations outside his state.”

Fox continued, the effort worked. The administration backed off.

“The bus pulled up at approximately 8 a.m. local time, blocks away from the U.S. Capitol building. Individuals disembarked one by one except for family units who exited together. They checked in with officials and had wristbands they were wearing cut off before being told they could go. According to TDEM, Abbott’s plan is already working. The agency told Fox News on Monday that many of the communities that originally reached out for support – from the Rio Grande Valley to Terrell County – say the federal government stopped dropping immigrants in their towns since Abbott’s announcement on April 6.”

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