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Woke Military: Navy launches Ship Named for LGBTQ Activist Harvey Milk

The United States Navy has launched a ship named in honor of “LGBTQ rights activist” and known pederast Harvey Milk. The vessel was, fittingly, christened by a transgender person. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said that “There is no doubt that the future sailors aboard this ship will be inspired by Milk’s life and legacy.” What kind of inspirations are sailors meant to be taking from that name and legacy? I don’t think I want to know.

USNS Harvey Milk gets a transgender christening

Winston Churchill is supposed to have insulted the navy by summing up its traditions as nothing more than “rum, sodomy, and the lash.”

The U.S. Navy has long since gotten rid of any hint of the rum and the lash so what’s left here? Naming a ship after Harvey Milk is certainly no way to escape the common jibes from other branches of service.

That sort of thing is perfectly acceptable in the navy of 2021 though. The naming of the ship after Milk was meant to be a statement about the commitment of the new navy to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion are the compensations we get for being defended by a flailing and decaying military which exists more to make political statements than to defeat foreign adversaries.

Your military may be controlled by political appointees and confused men in dresses but at least China will have a very diversely and inclusively named fleet of ships to destroy.

Sailors in the old navy may have learned about John Paul Jones or Lord Nelson or David Farragut but sailors on the USNS Harvey Milk will have another inspiration which is more suitable for the new navy.

Humiliating for sailors

Ships named for great heroes or memorable places and occasions are a thing of the past. The sailors of 2021 will serve aboard a floating reminder of a man who was dishonorably discharged and enjoyed preying on young boys.

This is a horrible humiliation for any sailor or officer who imagined that they would be joining the United States Navy to honorably serve their country.

Imagine how demoralizing it must be to join up intending to honor the proud American naval tradition only to instead be assigned to the USS Pedophile.

Under the current Pentagon we can assume that anyone who complains about this assignment will be thrown out of the service and interrogated as a potential domestic terrorist.

The entire affair is a humiliation ritual meant to remind any serious men and officers in the United States military that they now pledge allegiance to a human resources handbook and the diversity and inclusion initiatives for which it stands.

The best outcome we can hope for is that this cursed vessel strikes a rock and capsizes in shallow waters before it gets its entire crew killed. That might just be possible given the current state of our decrepit military.

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