Navy Admiral Uncloaks His Leftist Loving Self

The Navy’s highest ranking Admiral was confronted in Congress over his encouragement for extremist left wing propaganda. Michael Gilday appeared in a House Armed Services Committee meeting, where he attempted to defend his Marxist beliefs and deny that the United States Navy is becoming weaker through left wing indoctrination programs.  This all comes amid a very extensive plan to purge “extremists” from the military .

Top admiral endorses Marxist propaganda

The Navy’s top officer has spent decades in the United States Navy, an isntitution which he apparently now is willing to describe as fundamentally racist.

Admiral Gilday specifically recommended that all Navy personnel read a book authored by Ibram X. Kendi entitled How to Be an Anti-Racist.

The radical anti-white book, which Gilday believes should be read by every United States sailor, describes the United States and its military as being inherently racist.

The admiral evidently endorses the extremist anti-white and anti-American of the book wholeheartedly; he in fact was willing to say that the United States Navy is still racist.

Questioned by Congressman Jim Banks, himself a Navy veteran, Gilday angrily claimed that criticism of his decision to promote far left propaganda is part of an effort to depict the United States Military as weak and incompetent.

Gilday was generally evasive in his responses to Congressman Banks, though he refused to condemn anything said by Kendi or written in his book.

Weak officer denies being weak

Unless Admiral Gilday has secretly been a communist for the duration of his time in the United States Navy, these are not deeply held beliefs which he has held for many years.

Gilday almost certainly picked up these far left beliefs as they became fashionable over the past year, with seemingly no regard for the real state of morale and readiness in the military.

The admiral is evidently most afraid of being called racist or insufficiently supportive of BLM and thus losing his status. If this sort of cowardly willingness to embrace current Democrat orthodoxy at the expense of the navy is not weakness, then the definition of weakness must be changed.

A military which is led by such weak individuals must itself  be weak. Gilday and his colleagues are hoping to build a military of self-loathing individuals who believe that they are serving an evil and racist institution and country.

While the new United States Military promotes Marxist literature and attends pride parades, the Russian and Chinese militaries continue to cultivate the sorts of soldiers and sailors who know how to fight and win wars.

This is the paradox of the new liberal military envisioned by Admiral Gilday and his associates: in order to ensure that the military is ideologically loyal, the Department of Defense must force a culture of weakness and defeatism on their own soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

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