GOP Begins Battle Against Corruption in Democrat Operated State

The United States can be so much more than we are but we’re fed propaganda through our devices that talks us out of it. It’s an ongoing battle and it’s good to see more people doing what they can. As many people have put it, to not fight is to allow communism. Illinois is among the most corrupt states. Rep. Jackie Haas put together a plan called Reimagine Illinois to try to keep the corruption down.

Corruption is the easy way

Sometimes it can keep you and your family alive. There are so many nations and countries in which corruption has run rampant and destroyed life.

It’s the harder road to do what’s right. Rep. Haas noted, “I think we know for far too long Illinoisans have been paying a high price for corruption. We’re painfully aware that corruption decreases economic growth and discourages development in our state. Corruption further serves to disadvantage the already underserved in our state and in our communities.”

Corruption enriches the wealthy

They can just keep grabbing money and power, including re writing rules of election to stay there. It’s the reason the Second Amendment is held in such high regard. It can come down to changing power by bloodshed.

However, if fiscal leadership and protection for families is among your values, you’ll be able to stay in power by the people as opposed to just avoiding death. You’ll be re elected time after time in landslide victories. Nobody wants their tax dollars wasted! Those two pillars are part of Rep. Haas’ plan.

Corruption needs to end

Fellow Republicans are encouraging her lead. House leader Jim Durkin is among those who introduced the legislation in March. Constituents are tired of the Democrat party’s lies.

Rep. Andrew Chesney chimed in, adding Reimagine Illinois would help keep government down and assist with police reform. According to the University of Illinois, it was determined that the state is the second most corrupt in the nation. This is based on a regularly updated list of those who have been questioned, targeted, investigated, arrested, indicted or convicted between 2019-2020.

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