BLM Paper Trail Exposes Cofounders

For a self-proclaimed Marxist BLM cofounder Patrisse Cullors seems to enjoy a quite lavish lifestyle. Already under scrutiny for buying four expensive homes, Cullors is now revealed to have spent extravagantly at a Malibu Resort with her Reform LA Jails group. This group which she currently leads is directly affiliated to the official BLM brand which Patrisse helped to create. The BLM cause seems to be fairly lucrative for some involved.

BLM Marxist takes up property acquisition

Cullors at one time paid herself $20,000 a month as the chairwoman of Reform LA Jails. That money has been put to good use by the activist, funding her recent purchase of four considerable properties.

These houses, conveniently located in safe and predominantly white upper class neighborhoods, are the reward for the proud co-founder of the BLM movement and a woman who claims to be a “trained Marxist.”

While owning four expensive houses would seemingly contradict the Marxist cause, Patrisse Cullors surely has a perfectly valid explanation as a trained Marxist.

The media has raced to help the activist in excusing her enthusiasm for property acquisition, pointing out that she has earned her financial status through her supposed literary talents.

The mainstream “fact checkers” have been quick to deny that Patrisse did anything legally improper or abused donations to fund her lavish lifestyle. This may very well be true.

The legality, however, is not the important part of this story. Patrisse Cullors and other BLM leadership claim to be devoted Marxists. Why are they living so luxuriously and getting away with it?

One of the four homes purchased by Cullors

Eat the rich or become the rich?

The answer is obviously that none of this is serious. Patrisse and company are as devoted to a life without private property as the average Soviet oligarch was.

The foot soldiers of BLM loot and burn the small businesses and homes of middle America while Patrisse Cullors and her peers loot the corporate world of everything they can get by way of donations and bribes.

This greed is funded by the banks and massive corporations that have thrown their weight behind BLM and the far left. The communists and anarchists that flood the streets of Portland and Minneapolis are propped up by many of the wealthiest people and organizations in the world.

Not that someone like Patrisse will have devoted much thought to this quandary. Patrisse is getting rich and that’s enough for this trained Marxist.

The amount of money behind BLM has always been staggeringly huge. A Marxist organization with a very capitalist business strategy.

The whole thing seems to be working out very well for Patrisse Cullors and her allies. Perhaps the less fortunate BLM supporters will criticize them for their avarice. Probably they won’t even notice.

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