After REFUSING to Denounce Left Wing Terrorism, Joe Biden Begins Pandering to Law Enforcement

On Monday, Joe Biden hypocritically drooled all over himself in praise of law enforcement and angered his fan base at the same time. In order to appeal to his Antifa-inspired supporters ahead of the November election robbery, the basement dwelling Democrat rubber-stamped the Black Lives Matter agenda. Liberal progressive who fawn at the feet of George Soros spent most of the past year in an orgy of anarchy, burning and looting their way across America. All the while, they kept screaming “defund the police.”

Biden shifts position on police

Now that Joe Biden realizes that breaking into the White House will have consequences, it suddenly dawned on him that he’s going to need the support of law enforcement before he can declare martial law when all those deplorable patriots rise up in revolt.

In fairness to the former Vice-President, even though he’s nothing but a figurehead who reads whatever his handlers put up on his teleprompter, he is on record saying that “defund the police” was the wrong message to send. Not because he had any objection to gutting law enforcement, but because it didn’t sound good. He knew that phrase would bite them in the rear. Over and over again he implored, call it “reimagining.”

Leaked audio first obtained by The Intercept caught Biden saying, “I also don’t think we should get too far ahead ourselves on dealing with police reform in that, because they’ve already labeled us as being ‘defund the police.'”

He went on to say, “I promise you” that there will be a change to the “organizational structure” of policing. Just don’t threaten folks directly.

On Monday, Joe Biden was all smiles when he showed up in Wilmington, Delaware with his successor Kamala Harris by his side. From the glazed look on his face, she probably had a bag of that weed that makes you hear music from the future in her purse.

After they were “briefed” by their alleged “national security” and “foreign policy” teams, Joe patted the police officers in Nashville on the back. They “worked so quickly to evacuate the area before the explosion occurred — risking their own lives. And for all the firefighters and first responders who jumped into action early.”

Obstruction from the political leadership

As an aside, Biden was complaining that his security briefings are way too brief. He has “encountered obstruction from the political leadership” of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Showing how differently Democrats see things from Republicans, Joe referred to the Defense Department which Donald Trump beefed up like it hasn’t been in decades, lying, “The truth is many of the agencies that are critical to our security have incurred enormous damage. And many of them have been hollowed out in personnel, capacity, and in morale.” The damage he sees is that they listen to Donald Trump instead of the Deep State. The ones with low morale are the Obama era holdovers.

Considering, just for the sake of argument, that President Donald Trump is not the one to take the oath of office on January 20, then patriotic Americans are expected to take up arms to defend the Constitution. That means that Biden will need firepower.

He will be forced to “embrace of the use of police, but not for the enforcement of properly-enacted laws and ordinances.” He will need cops and soldiers and special forces to defend his puppet government. He will need ” executive order” police.

Maryland got a taste of what’s to come just before Thanksgiving. “Maryland State Police launched a 24/7 Call Center to assist the state’s COVID-19 compliance team to further enforce coronavirus restrictions imposed by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.”

In New Mexico, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham planned “to use the state police to enforce COVID-19 restrictions.” Biden will have those deplorables off to FEMA camp in no time. As long as he can get law enforcement to cooperate. The Oath Keepers will probably see things more than just a little differently.

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