Democrats Already Working on Ways to Circumvent Republican Majority While Using Biden as a Pawn

Since Joe Biden is nothing but a pawn in the political game, his handlers are conniving with Democrat Senators to bypass Congress and do away with the Constitution, once and for all. Republicans may end up with the majority in the Senate, and things aren’t quite as rosy in the House as they used to be, so they’re pointing out that Joe is set to inherit Barack Obama’s pen and phone.

They still think Biden won

Democrats still think that Joe Biden won the election. That whole pesky pay-for-play scheme he had going with Hunter Biden can be safely swept under the rug, right next to the big pile of Obamagate dirt. First, they have to evict Donald Trump from the White House and that’s not going to be easy.

The radical liberals can’t wait to bring the Paris climate deal back to life, erasing student loan balances and opening the borders to every terrorist who wants in.

Since Congress will still stand in the way, even if things go their way in a couple of last minute Senate runoffs, they decided they don’t need Congress.

Forgetting that they blocked and thwarted every one of President Donald Trump’s executive orders in the courts, Democrats are ready to put any whim that Biden has into effect with executive orders. Obama had a pen and a phone and knew how to use them.

If Biden manages to pull off his election heist, then survives the inevitable civil war, he “should act as aggressively as possible to reverse the effects of the four years of Donald Trump.”

Getting the corruption schemes and New World Order directives back into effect are top priority. It’s imperative that China be allowed to resume Pre-Trump pollution output, in exchange for buying “carbon credits.”

With a stroke of the pen

With a stroke of the golden pen, Biden can “re-enter the U.S. into the Paris climate accord and slap new fuel economy standards on vehicles and energy-efficiency requirements on appliances.”

You’ll be walking to work in days, then coming home to hang your laundry in the solar powered clothes drying equipment. Liberals can’t wait for Quid Pro Joe to “test the outer limits of his powers.”

Once they overthrow Donald Trump, Democrats have an evil plot to make an end run around Mitch McConnell and his Republican contingent.

“From Treasury to State to Interior and the financial regulators, climate action and climate risk management has to be infused into literally everything,” Democrat Senator Brian Schatz warns. Biden will do exactly as he’s told.

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren teamed up with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to cheat the banks out of money that they are owed by student borrowers.

They expect Biden to “use his powers under the Higher Education Act to cancel up to $50,000 in debt for federal student loan borrowers.” How convenient.

Any speculation on the part of Democrats over the future of Joe Biden in the White House is subject to a big reality fact check.

It’s clear that in addition to the white collar crimes he committed from the White House already, creepy Joe also tried to steal the election. Donald Trump and his legal team aren’t taking that lightly. For years there has been an insurrection going on.

President Donald Trump could do what he promised and drain the swamp by declaring a national emergency and martial law. If he doesn’t, the patriots will become unreasonable and it’s time to boogie woogie. Full blown civil war is on the horizon. If Trump doesn’t declare martial law, Biden will.

  1. Pedo Joe won’t be the one in the White House the Ho will and the Democraps don’t have anything they have to force her to do. She will most likely force them to do even more than what is listed here and far far more COMMUNISTIC.

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