Democrats Pelosi Covid Stimulus Bill

While Democrats Falsely Call for ‘UNITY’, Here is What They Just Did that Proves They Have Zero Intentions of Doing So

House Republicans tried to pass another Covid-19 relief package only to be blocked by the Democrats again. The Democrats have made it clear, they refuse to negotiate with Republicans at all. It’s their way or nothing.

Democrats kill Covid bill

The election is over, for now, and suddenly Covid-19 is back in the news. Lawmakers in Washington have been trying to pass a second round of Covid-19 stimulus since the summer.

The House came close to reaching an agreement just weeks before the election but in the end, Nancy Pelosi and the “do nothing Democrats” blocked the bill. 23 Democrats wrote House Speaker Pelosi a letter urging her to move forward with “bipartisan negotiations” with Republicans to get a bill passed.

Of course she said no, refusing to give Trump the slightest win despite millions of Americans being out of work and desperate for assistance. The Wicked Witch of San Francisco even said, “Trump just wants to give out checks with his name on them.” In other words, a stimulus might help Trump at the polls so they’re going to block it.

The Democrat’s strategy was clear. Impose draconian lockdowns across the country, destroy the economy, inflate the Covid-19 death statistics, and blame it all on Trump.

Meanwhile they encouraged mass rioting and looting across the country while calling Trump rallies “super spreader events.” The American people are suffering while the Democrats in Washington continue to play politics. And they’re continuing to collect their tax payer funded salaries of course. These swamp creatures must be voted out.

The latest Republican effort was a discharge petition that would have allowed the House to send a Covid-19 relief package to the Republican majority Senate. 185 Republicans in the House cosigned the petition put forth by Washington Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler.

The petition received no Democrat support, therefore it couldn’t make it out of the House. “It’s time to put an end to the political gamesmanship we’ve been seeing here in D.C.,” Beutler said on her Twitter.

Sadly, that won’t happen anytime soon. It is absolutely critical the Republicans keep control of the Senate and President Trump wins his second term, or it will be the end of America as we know it.

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