Fox News Whistleblower Steps Forward to Release Evidence Against the Network

It’s easier to walk down the road everybody else walks, it’s the path of least resistance. There’s only a couple people on Fox worth listening to now, one of them is Tucker Carlson.

Those who sneer at conservatives watching this station are barking up the wrong tree. ALL of them are propaganda now.

Your feed will be cut and you’ll be fired if you say something the network doesn’t like. Trump exposed a lot.

Fox needs uncovering too

If the truth isn’t reported, yank their advertisers too. A lot of conservative channels have opened up, maybe it’s time for major networks to have their licenses pulled.

Trump tried to rewrite Section 230 but fellow Republicans turned their backs on him.

Ivory Hecker may have hit a nerve working with Project Veritas. This puts Fox on the same level as CNN and Facebook for censuring Americans that don’t agree with the Democrats.

Ivory saw the truth

She was suspended immediately for saying Fox was muzzling her. She was live in Montgomery County and pivoted to let viewers know she’s not allowed to say certain things.

Fox 26 KRIV assistant director Lee Meier called her to say, “I wanted to call you and let you know that you are suspended, effective immediately.” He continued, ”Pending further review I would ask you not to come to the station, okay? Alright, and we will be in touch.”

If Fox is reporting the truth

There should be nothing to be afraid of. People are beyond fed up with propaganda. If we find it, we’ll scream it. Ivory is brave. There are others that aren’t.

She noted, “I am not the only reporter being subjected to this.” She resumed her broadcast on Fox about the heat in Texas and people dealing with broken air conditioning units.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe spoke about Ivory’s predicament. “It’s sad to see that brave individuals like Ivory get suspended simply for telling the truth. If this doesn’t prove corporate media is broken, I don’t know what does.”

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