The DOJ Just Put His LIFE At RISK

Kash Patel is furious with the DOJ. They doxxed him by leaving his name as one of the few unredacted things on the affidavit used to raid Mar-a-Lago. What the Just Us Department did is dangerous and puts his life at risk. It also looks intentional, which makes it personal.

DOJ runs the country

In case you didn’t catch Merrick Garland’s big appearance in front of the TV cameras, the Gestapo General made it crystal clear that the DOJ really runs this country. He boldly proclaimed that everything the FBI does is totally legal, always.

On Monday, August 29, Former Trump administration official Kash Patel accused Garland and his cronies “of putting him at personal risk by leaving his name unredacted in the FBI’s affidavit used for the raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.” That, he declares, was a dirty trick.

Under rightful President Donald Trump, Patel served as chief of staff to the acting secretary of defense. He got together with Tucker Carlson for a chance to vent his DOJ frustration to the conservative public. “by including his name in the affidavit,” Patel explains, Garland was “publicly advertising for me to fail, to go to jail and to be harmed.

It was there because of a statement he made back in May, “claiming that Trump had already declassified the classified materials that were recovered by FBI agents during the raid.” The public would know that if they could see through the magic marker. Instead, “the next eight sections of the affidavit after the Patel reference are fully redacted.

This DOJ with the same leadership that authorized Russiagate is now back in charge, had gone in to intentionally lift the redaction of just my name and then redact the next seven consecutive pages. It was totally for political purposes,” Patel thundered. He was clearly riled up about it.

They don’t care about the threats to my life, the racist messages, and the hatred I see every day now because they are publicly advertising for me to fail, to go to jail, and to be harmed.

Strzok has nerve to tweet

The instigator in charge of downgrading Hillary Clinton’s crimes to sloppy but non-criminal carelessness, Peter Strzok, had the nerve to rub it in on twitter. Looks like he needs something to do with his thumb now that he isn’t sleeping with Lisa Page. Along with a screenshot, Strzok advised Patel to “Get a great F’ing criminal defense lawyer,” because “you’re going to need it.” He should know.

Him and his DOJ attorney lover were the ones who cooked up that “insurance policy” in Andrew McCabe’s office to keep Trump from winning in 2016. When that plot failed, it morphed into a coup attempt, which also failed. They had to rig another election and squash the investigation into Hunter Biden so they could keep him out in 2020. Every day, more and more Americans are saying Trump is the legitimate president. If he wants to run a government in exile from Mar-a-Lago, deplorables are still standing back and standing by to back him up.

Strzok is a big fan of the DOJ and carries a grudge against Patel “because of his role as lead investigator of Russiagate.

Patel “is the reason Strzok got fired along with 16 other FBI officials, including Andy McCabe, Comey and the like.” When Biden usurped office, they all came slithering back up out of the swamp. “Their corrupt cabal is back so the corruption continues.

They are biased, their hypocrisy knows no bounds but of course, they’re shameless. Peter Strzok, as a [former] counter-intel head agent, knows that Americans’ names in search warrants are supposed to be redacted.” That’s why the DOJ flunky was laughing at it being left clear. He knew that was an intentional slap and it made his day. Patel is sure the real reason for the raid is because Trump has the dirt he needs to sink the Deep State.

Patel noted, “he believes the raid on Trump’s home was conducted to prevent the disclosure of documents that would expose their ‘corrupt actives‘ surrounding the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and beyond.” No wonder they were stamped top secret. “This entire raid on his house, I believe, was to prevent the disclosure now that the government gangsters are back in charge, of their corrupt activities from Russiagate on down,” Patel elaborates. “Because now, they have an open FBI counterintelligence investigation. They will shield any release of documents because they will say they have an open investigation. Congress has a lot of work to do.

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