Joe Biden Gets Caught Again in Another Situation He Can’t Get Out of

President Biden may have unintentionally admitted to using his office to secure preferential treatment for the hospitalized wife of a friend. The President employed an anecdote in a speech about Covid-19 in which he described calling a Pennsylvania hospital to ask why the wife of a close friend was still waiting for medical attention. The point of the story was intended to be that hospitals are still crowded with Covid-19 patients.

Biden asks for a favor

For Biden the anecdote was merely a personal connection to the matter at hand. The fact that he mentioned it so offhandedly implies that he does not think he did anything wrong.

The statement appears to describe a case of a public official calling a hospital directly to ensure that one patient is moved to the front of the line.

The president may not have meant to abuse his position but when the President of the United States personally calls to ask about why a friend is still waiting in the queue a certain implication is made.

Regardless of how Biden meant the call, it could not have been received as anything other than a demand for preferential treatment by the hospital.

However the call was meant, it is laudable that Biden cares so much about the health of his friends that he is willing to personally check up on the situation.

Unfortunately, this accompanies an extensive record of members of the Biden family and White House staff who have employed their positions to secure favors and benefits.


A White House trend

Many administration officials have not hesitated to place friends and relations in any available positions. There is an obvious streak of nepotism in the Biden White House.

This is no surprise as Biden himself has repeatedly shown that he is willing to move heaven and earth to establish his degenerate son in lucrative jobs regardless of the necessary qualifications.

Hunter Biden is currently producing “art” which is being purchased for exorbitant prices by eager buyers. These purchases are obviously intended to be bribes.

The president says that he “wasn’t complaining” when he called the hospital and maybe he believes this. Maybe he believes that his son is just a great artist who has finally found his calling.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki certainly was not willing to hear any questions about the nature of the hospital call and quickly rejected an insinuation that he call may have been meant as a demand.

The White House certainly has no need of a new scandal right now. Biden’s approval ratings are continuing to decline in a slow and steady fashion as the mediocrity of this boring president continues to be painfully apparent.

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