Weaponized Head of DOJ Decides Checks and Balances Matter Not

The DOJ and the Arizona State Senate are poised to escalate their ongoing feud as Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to indicate that the Justice Department will intervene against any audit results. Garland effectively accuses Arizona Republicans of spreading disinformation to undermine public confidence in democracy, though he did not refer to Arizona by name. The situation sets up a major conflict between state and federal authority.

DOJ targets Arizona audit

The controversial Arizona audit has become a major target for Democrats who accuse Republicans of trying to overturn the results of the last election.

The Biden Administration and the DOJ have increasingly indicated that they would be willing to intervene to shut down the audit if they determine that there are any violations of “voting rights.”

In other words, the federal government has expressed a willingness to forcibly end the audit if Arizona Republicans start to uncover anything that raises real concerns about the integrity of the election.

Congressional Democrats have recently devoted themselves to “voting rights” legislation on the national level which would enforce certain rules on states and eliminate restrictions meant to prevent voter fraud.

Of course, Garland and others continue to claim that they are wholeheartedly devoted to eliminating voting fraud while they work to dismantle many of the frameworks put in place by states themselves to prevent it.

The Biden DOJ and other liberal institutions have been very quick to dismiss any concerns about voter fraud, often repeating the absurd claim that voter fraud and corruption do not exist in the United States.

Major Constitutional conflict emerges

A Maricopa County judge in February disagreed with the claims being made by the DOJ, arguing that the Arizona Republicans were well within their rights.

Garland, however, now plans to double the size of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ to combat what he described as “challenges to voting rights nationwide.”

Mark Brnovich, the Arizona State Attorney General said in response that Garland is showing an “alarming disdain for state sovereignty” in his attempts to interfere with the Arizona audit.

Brnovich accused the DOJ of posturing and attempting to overstep proper Constitutional boundaries, going on to describe the situation as an attack on proper separation of powers.

The situation sets up a conflict between state and federal authority which is certain to come up repeatedly in the near future as Democrats push their desired voting reforms on Republican led states.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers responded to Garland on Twitter by describing the DOJ as one of the most corrupt institutions in America, as well as telling the Attorney General that touching Arizona ballots would put him in an Arizona prison.

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