Abrams Showed Her True Colors… Law Enforcement is Livid

Over the last month or so, Stacey Abrams has tried to change the narrative on how she feels about cops.

She claims that she is pro-law enforcement.

The truth came out the second that Governor Kemp announced that he has the endorsement of 107 sheriffs.

Good Ole’ Boys Club

After Kemp announced the support, Abrams had no problem throwing the race card on the table.

She stated, “I’m not a member of the good ol’ boys club.

“So, no. I don’t have 107 sheriffs who want to be able to take Black people off the streets, who want to be able to go without accountability.

“I don’t believe every sheriff wants that, but I do know that we need a governor who believes in both defending law enforcement but also defending the people of Georgia.”

Needless to say, that comment did not go over very well…

Even an “objective” opinion had to admit that Abrams really hurt herself with that answer…

Abrams is truly desperate, so she throws a stab at the cops to try to get people riled up.

In reality, her star has burned out and people are tired of her rhetoric.

Source: Fox News

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