Breaking News: ‘Serious Issues’ Discovered During Ballot Audit

Arizona State Senate President Karan Fann is demanding answers from the state Board of Supervisors amid emerging reports of serious irregularities and evidence of illegal activities related to the ongoing ballot audit in the state.

Major tampering uncovered in Arizona audit

Arizona is currently administering a major vote audit in Maricopa County, the center of most of the election controversy in the state.

Fann is asking for explanations after it was discovered that Maricopa County officials deleted data from voting machines before handing them over to auditors.

The crucial databases which were deleted are required to be kept for two years after an election, meaning that the elimination of these records was presumably criminal activity.

Along with other reports of tampering, the deletion of the voting data is one of a number of instances in which Maricopa County has attempted to prevent or delay crucial information from reaching the proper authorities for the audit.

The audit is set to be completed in June, though the interference of officials in Maricopa County means that there are still massive holes in the investigation which will be difficult to repair.

No formal accusations have been made yet, though it is expected that the Arizona Attorney General will pursue criminal charges if the reports of tampering and interference by Maricopa County officials are true.

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