RINO: Let em Starve so Long as My addiction is Fed

Arizona’s RINO acting Senator, Martha McSally, is begging her supporters to “fast a meal.” She wants voters to starve so they can donate the money to her crumbling campaign instead. Just like all the other panhandlers surrounding the Arizona Capitol, Democrat in disguise Martha McSally is out hustling for change, with a sign saying “Will Work For Food” but demanding the cash instead. She’s down to that, in order to finance her political addiction. She’s hooked on the power that comes with the title of U.S. Senator and she’s headed for a crash withdrawal rehab when her ejector seat fires in November.

Arizona Rogue RINO ‘not ashamed to ask’

Trailing Democrat Mark Kelly in the latest polls and terrified of deplorable Trump supporters, RINO Martha McSally made a campaign stop in the sparsely populated northern part of the state. She was caught on tape begging attendees to “fast a meal” so they can donate the money to her instead. She insists that she needs every penny in their pockets “to keep pace with her Democratic opponent.” Her biggest problem is that Kelly proves that DINOs aren’t extinct after all, and seems like he could turn out to be a lot more conservative than McSally.

Moderate Republicans don’t notice that she’s really a RINO Democrat, so those are the people she’s targeting as her last resort. Democrats don’t like her because she calls herself a Republican. All the other right of center conservatives, including the far-right Libertarians who like to hang out “up in the trees” of northern Arizona, will vote for another declared Democrat, as they did with Sinema, before they elect one more Democrat who calls herself a Republican. The GOP does not want to hear that message, so they ignore it, and the state is poised to go blue. They’ll be horrified but they have no right to be surprised.

Arizona’s Family had a reporter on hand to follow McSally’s antics. They recorded the speech and faithfully wrote it up for publication. When McSally’s campaign team read what the RINO was caught saying on tape they instantly went into damage control mode, trying to walk the comments back and diffuse them. What the reporter recorded began with McSally whining about her dilemma.

She insists she’s doing her part

Just like when any other panhandler comes up to someone on the street, RINO McSally starts by explaining how it’s not her fault. “We’re doing our part to catch up, you know, to get our message out,” she insists. She can’t help it if conservatives refuse to donate to her campaign. She thought that once Governor Doug Ducey, also a Republican In Name Only, greased her into McCain’s seat, the voters would let her keep it. She didn’t realize that conservatives really meant it when they elected Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to show how much of a reject they consider McSally.

As McSally knows quite well, winning a Senate campaign “takes resources.” Since conservatives won’t give her any money, she’s not too proud to stick her hand out and beg. “Anybody can give, I’m not ashamed to ask,” calling it an investment. The kicker came when she actually had the nerve to ask folks to skip a meal just to keep her in power. “If you can give a dollar, five dollars, if you can fast a meal and give what that would be.”

McSally’s handlers had a conniption. The spin they decided to use was to call it a “joke.” Everyone there knows that McSally wasn’t joking. She’s desperate and grasping at straws. The also call the video clip making the rounds on Twitter, “heavily edited.” Okay, so they trim out the dull and dusty parts but nobody on the RINO team is denying that McSally said she wants people to fast and donate the money to her. As a former candidate for Governor and Congress told Arizona’s Family, “I haven’t talked to (McSally) about it, so I can’t really opine on the specifics but it does feel like its a little bit of an act of desperation,” Christine Jones declared.

  1. By all means…VOTE the RINOs out of office.
    Voters elect the same career politicians year after year expecting a different result; however, only get the same BS year after year. It’s time to vote out RINOs like Martha McSally, Lindsey Graham (who hated Trump), Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell to name just a few. Kenny Marchant was a RINO and voters were fed up with him. He narrowly won the last election, and decided…gigs up….gotta go! He was a TRUE RINO!

  2. It sounds like the Republican Party of Arizona has a huge problem and it is the leadership-it must be replaced. When the citizens want conservative candidates and all they ever get is John McCain, Jeff Flake and Martha McSally there is a definite problem and generally the solution to that problem will not be voting for a Democrat. McSally is a RINO and I can’t stand them and it may well be that the Democrat DINO is more conservative than the RINO might have been. Kelly’s conservative streak is an illusion, because even if he were the second coming of Ronald Reagan, when it comes time to vote for a Trump nominee, Schumer will say this is the way we’re voting and bye, bye conservatism; when it’s time to vote on Democrat proposed legislation, Schumer will say we’re voting for it and Kelly will follow; and, when it’s time to vote on Republican proposed legislation, Schumer will say we’re voting no and Mr. Conservative will vote no. McSally may be too liberal to be seated as a Republican, but at least there is a chance that every once in a while she will vote with her party. I don’t like RINOs, but I’ll take one over any Democrat any time and every time.

  3. This post was written by the left, anyone that thinks she is a rino is just flat wrong. She votes with the President 99% of the time and the 1%. she missed the vote..

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