RINO Senator is Tripping, Here is What it Means for You and Your Family

Arizona’s lame Republican In Name Only Senator Martha McSally is tripping. She thinks throwing a high profile tourism encouragement bribe on the table will affect her dismal chances in November. Her American TRIP Act is welcomed with strong support in Arizona. A lot stronger than the support for McSally herself. The voters rejected her bid for Jeff the Flake’s seat but she ended up with John McCain’s. For now.

While she’s still a senator

Once a RINO, always a RINO. Martha McSally was already rejected once by independent conservative voters. Being a senator is only temporary though. While she is still in the slot, McSally decided to sponsor a really popular bill, hoping it will help her stay employed. When the list of political names supporting McSally for introducing that bill is longer than the description itself, you can smell the fear rising from the press release. Her American TRIP Act may be welcomed with strong support but she’s reached her peak and it’s not likely she’ll stay in office after November.

Her proposed legislation encourages Americans “to support the tourism industry following the COVID-19 pandemic.” She wants to shell out tax credits “to Americans who spend money on lodging, entertainment, and other expenses related to travel in the United States and its territories.” McSally is especially hoping you’ll spend some of those tourism dollars in Arizona, home to the Grand Canyon. The town of Scottsdale is a mecca for world class shopping and dining. All of Arizona was hit hard by the loss of tourists and Scottsdale was hit even harder by looting.

McSally’s desperate attempt to buy votes also “provides funding for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) to promote the travel and tourism industry across the nation.”

Getting everyone back to work, especially her

“The American TRIP Act is about getting more than 180,000 Arizonans and over 9 million Americans who are employed by the tourism and hospitality industries back to work,” the senator promises. “If Americans aren’t traveling, then millions of other Americans have no job to go back to.” McSally shares their fears.

“That means millions of Americans are unable to provide for their families, including paying rent or a mortgage, health care costs, or buying groceries.” She wants you to go visit grandma. She thinks a tax credit later will give folks the cash they need now “to visit grandma and grandpa, take a trip to the Grand Canyon, and so much more.” Not, of course, until “it is safe to do so.”

She wants you to believe her primary motivation is getting the economy going. “Igniting this sector of the economy is key to a successful recovery and critical for Arizona jobs and economy.” The biggest job she’s trying to save is her own. She has a republican challenger, Dan McCarthy, who is struggling to act like he has half a clue. It remains likely that McSally will be the one to face off against democrat Mark Kelly in November. Voters are still smoldering after double crossing Governor Doug Ducey appointed McSally to fill John McCain’s seat. They can’t wait to get to the polls and reject her again.

Independent conservative voters are determined to keep sending the same message to the Arizona branch of the GOP until it’s finally heard. No RINO’s. If that means electing democrats then so be it. Better an honest democrat than a closet democrat who instead of a conservative is a liberal sleeper cell in disguise. In Mark Kelly’s case, he also happens to be a former astronaut and married to former republican lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords. That makes it so much easier to vote for him than a renegade. So far, Kyrsten Sinema has been a lot more cooperative than RINO Senator Jeff Flake ever was.

  1. I had a suspicion about this “McSilly”,
    She is almost as bad as McCain Hanoi Hilton and Meghan McCain.

  2. Elect Demoncrates. Give me a rhino any day of the week over that choice! Can’t believe You actually said and condone that choice.

    1. So Douglas you approve of cities/states run by democrats where they let criminal do what ever they want to do. You agree on getting rid of the police, love high taxes and welcome all foreigners who want to run across our border.

      1. Glenn, you misunderstood Doug. He probably should’ve put a question mark after “Elect Demoncrates”. Obliviously, he’s having the same problem with the article that I am. A vote for McSally would be much better choice than a vote for a democrat, anyday! A least she didn’t vote for impeachment like the senator from Utah. Although, the writer of the column makes himself look conservative, I have my doubts, as does Eric Houtz, in a coment below. Since I’m not involved with Arizona politics, I’m don’t know if they have had there primary election and if McSally is ahead or behind a primary challenger. As off right now, she has the name recognition.

  3. Hmmm, the Feds gin-up $1200 for each adult and $600 for each child and the ” sound of silence” is deafening. There are some in the U.S. that WERE NOT financially ruined by the pandemic. Those who address the need for programs that sponsor tourism, shopping, travel, and other options, to return a society to a better day, are far more interested in getting a national budget viable again. If, by some weird quirk of FATE, this person happens to be a thoughtful politician, any demeaning and ridicule directed at them is CHILDISH and SHALLOW.

    1. Here is a much cheaper version of what they could have done. Our population being about 360 million if they had given everyone a million dollars it would have been a lot less money and people would have had their money to pay their bills.

  4. Her being in McCain’s seat means she took over for. RINO because McCain stopped being a Republican after he lost his last bid for President. His HATE of Trump made him drop all pretense of being a Republican. I pray the good People of Arizona boot her from office and put in a real CONSERVATIVE.

    1. McCain was never a republican. He was told when he wanted to run in Arizona a democrat had no chance so he changed from a registered democrat to republican but that was in name only as he always stayed a liberal democrat.

  5. I don’t know much if anything about McSally, so I ask why she is considered a RINO? On the other hand, John McCain was really a RINO and spent most of his time teaming up with the liberal left against his fellow Republicans. Is it possible that McSally could be that bad or even worse? Arizonans also elected Jeff Flake who was another RINO. This habit of Arizonans electing RINO Republicans to the US Senate causes me to wonder why they don’t just bite the bullet and elect Democrats rather than Republicans who act like Democrats. If McSally really is a RINO, then I would guess that her odds of being elected to her appointed Senate seat are actually improved and pretty good.

    1. McSally has a RINO history and wasn’t elected to her post. She was appointed by the governor. The independent conservatives and libertarians outnumber Republicans in Arizona. The independents have been angry at the AZ GOP for well over a decade. The GOP keeps giving them the choice between a democrat and a democrat. It has been general policy for years now that if the GOP wants a democrat they get one. An honest open admitted democrat instead of one in disguise. Republican Kelli Ward could be in the seat currently occupied by Kyrsten Sinema except McSally pushed her out. Sinema replaced Flake and has been playing ball. If McCarthy takes the GOP primary he could suddenly get a lot of support. Otherwise, democrat Mark Kelly doesn’t look so bad to “the guys in the trees.”

  6. This is a democrat hit piece. McSally is a staunch supporter of our President, He is trying to fool the voter and you. Vote for a Democrap ? Please read this article carefully.

    1. Eric, I’m sensing that is what I read as well. Possibly a paid advertisement by the Arizona dem’s.

    2. LMFAO – easy on the tinfoil hats there Houtz and Billy. McSally is nothing but a political opportunist – she was against Trump before she was “for” him – do a little research. While you’re there, also look up McSally’s dismal voting record, very much like McCain’s say-one-thing-do-another routine, she is all talk. She votes liberal democrat 70-80% of the time. You squishes who think it’s best to keep a RINO in place rather than a democrat briefly so as to clear the seat is how we got decades of McCain. Idiots.


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