Breaking: Grey Wolf Returns to Fight For Freedom ON FOOT

The fight for freedom rages on. For those of us following the We The People Convoy this spring, “Grey Wolf” Ron Coleman was an example for every American patriot to follow. He left his truck behind and he’s coming back into the public spotlight on foot. Just like American patriot General Ernest Lee did with the Thousand Mile March for Liberty back in 2013. That’s the thing about a revolution, it keeps coming back around in your face. It’s back again and rolling into Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Across America for Freedom

Ron Coleman showed the public that it’s possible to have a dialog with your elected representatives in Washington. It was even about the subject of freedom and civil liberty and it didn’t turn into a barbarian invasion. Then, the liberal press invaded like barbarians. The Deep State fights fiercely. Soon, We the People were infiltrated and reduced to infighting over picky details and disbanded.

They came in with their trucks, that was used against them. They came in peacefully and that really scared the evil forces of darkness. They weren’t all white supremacist KKK members and boogie boys who could be discredited. That’s the final straw which totally terrified the globalists.

Ordinary citizens are now throwing their full support behind the Grey Wolf Walk Across America for Freedom. Is it too much to ask for the government to actually obey and enforce the laws they created? That’s what Ron Coleman wants to know.


Grey Wolf” is well qualified to have an opinion on the subject and would love to explain it to you on Friday, September 16, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. If you can’t be there in person, EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT needs to be sure and watch one of the livestreams. Tell your friends. Watch it before it gets “disappeared.

Do the words “Government Overreach” mean anything to you? They do to Grey Wolf Coleman. He was one of the lucky few representatives of “We The People” who had a chance to exercise their freedom of speech and met with Senators in the Capitol Building. Face to face, calmly and peacefully, they told their tale to Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson. The Senators fully understood and promised to do what they could.

Then, the press practically broke the door down and came in shouting. The patriot group also met with members of the House that day. The world will never know what was said in the lower chamber meeting, because it’s been censored into oblivion. Those who were watching live know that it depicted Republican lawmakers who were too terrified of Nancy Pelosi to lift a finger in support of the constitution itself. Come back after November, they said. November is almost here.

Mandates are not laws

At the core of Grey Wolf’s walk for freedom is the ongoing state of emergency based on the COVID-19 madness. Emergency powers are clearly being used only to suppress our Constitutional rights. Mandates forced on the people were “stifling” but even worse, we watched our freedoms and liberties disappear with the stroke of a pen.


At this stage, our national sovereignty has been handed over to the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. They’ll have us eating insects in no time.

Coleman almost brought the house down when he shouted back at liberal hack Zach Petrizzo, in the Senate chamber. Mandates, he thundered, are not laws. they’re mafioso like deals made in cigar smoke-filled back rooms.

You aren’t going to hear a single word about Ron or his march for freedom on network media. That’s why it is so important to get the message out to your friends that this is something important to watch.

This time there aren’t any trucker convoys to terrify liberals into closing their freeways. Just a guy on foot with a camera advocating freedom. He’s even more dangerous to the Deep State now because people are actually listening to what he has to say. That might get them questioning Democrat authority. They might start asking when will Hunter Biden be arrested or what role did Jim Biden play in the family influence peddling scheme?


Grey Wolf has already trudged, step-by-step, to the slopes of the Rockies to show he’s in this for real. It’s time for America to meet him in Steamboat Springs and escort him right back into the office of Ted Cruz.

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