Senator Demands Answers Over Shocking Nuclear Base Activities

Montana Senator Steve Daines is miffed. Upset enough over a disturbing trend to take out an opinion page in Fox News. He wants answers, and wants them now, over why gender bending “drag shows” are being performed on nuclear missile bases in his state.

Senator upset over ‘equity’

Social ‘equity‘ warriors believe America is infected with systemic racism and social inequity,” Senator Steve Daines writes. They’re “working relentlessly to impose their radical, woke agenda on every aspect of society, including the military.” He’s convinced that such shenanigans have no place going on around our nuclear missiles.

Their use of the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress to enact their agenda through legislative and regulatory action is having dire consequences that are on full display for the entire country to see.

It’s bad enough that Joe Biden let that Chinese spy balloon “linger” over Montana’s nuclear missile sites, collecting all sorts of “intelligence from some of our most sensitive sites.” The pentagon is getting nervous because nobody wants to sign up. Part of the reason is that they’re afraid the soldier in the next bunk will be swishing around in panties.

As the senator points out, “The Army was 25% short of its recruiting goal last year and projections indicate this year will be even worse for all branches. Public confidence in our armed forces is trending downward, and sexual assault within the ranks is on the rise.

When he heard what was being planned for entertainment at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, the senator had to get his opinion out there in public. “The 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom controls 150 ICBMs, the most powerful nuclear weapons known to mankind.

The folks in charge of maintaining and possibly even launching them need to be focused on their tasks. “In June 2021 the base hosted — and promoted on official media — a ‘Drag Story Time‘ for children followed by a drag show.” The senator is alarmed by that.

Endorsed at the top

He’s upset because “alarmingly, this was not an isolated event. Several other similar events happened on our military bases across the country, including Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia and Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

While that’s bad enough, Senator Daines appalled to learn the brass is in favor of the policy. Mark Milley is practically a traitor.

When asked about the drag show at Malmstrom during a congressional hearing in March, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he was unaware of such events occurring.” At least he mentioned that if they were, “they should not be happening.

Lloyd Austin says they’re fine because the taxpayers aren’t paying for them. Any foreign interest can sponsor one and George Soros probably passed the cash down the line through activists for the ones already held. The senator isn’t happy with the answers he got to his questions.

Daines sent a list of “pointed questions” to the Pentagon. The response which the senator got back has him fuming. “Event spaces on the installation are made available to military-affiliated individuals and installation-recognized private organizations to host events with a variety of themes.

The Chinese can pay for any subversive activity they want. The disturbing trend simply must stop. “The Air Force Academy is policing the everyday language of cadets, going as far as to discourage the use of ‘offensive‘ terms like ‘mom‘ and ‘dad.’

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