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The Kayleigh McEnany Mic Drop That is Causing SNOWFLAKE Meltdowns [VIDEO]

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took on another Left-wing reporter this week. For years the mainstream media has been acting incredibly childish and disrespectful at the White House. Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower…

CNN nut job loose in the White House

Katlain Collins is an unhinged radical Left-wing reporter with CNN. Her job is to go to the White House and shout condescending questions at the Press Secretary then throw tantrums when she’s ignored.

That’s exactly what happened this week when Kayleigh McEnany ignored her question then said, “I don’t call on activists.” Collins snapped back, “I’m not an activist and you haven’t taken questions since October 1, and you just took five.

That’s not doing your job. Your tax payer funded job.” Check out the exchange at the very end of the video below.

Most of the press corps are indeed Left-wing activists, using their valuable time in the White House to criticize the Trump Administration in a desperate attempt to get their network a viral soundbite. Of course, Kaitlan Collins couldn’t just let it go at that.

The CNN reporter immediately took to her Twitter account to bash McEnany some more. “Appearing in her professional capacity, @PressSec takes only a handful of questions in her first briefing since Oct. 1. Asked why can’t call on all reporters — given it’s been so long and there are not many of us due to social distancing — she called me an activist.

It’s understandable why someone who hasn’t done their job — taking questions from reporters — in weeks would confuse someone else doing theirs with activism.

McEnany stands her ground

Yikes! What a nasty woman. But Kayleigh McEnany handles them like a pro. Also this week, the White House press corps was foaming at the mouth with steam coming out of their ears when Vice President Pence walked out on them without taking questions.

This video is a must watch. The shameless Democrat journalists have a temper tantrum, with one guy throwing his mic down in anger. Who gives these people their press passes?

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