RINO Reject To Be Ejected!

Martha McSally better be buckled up tight because she’s in for a wild ride. Her Senate seat is packed with explosives and the “reject” is about to be ejected half-way to orbit. Independent Arizona conservatives are still furious at the way the RINO got forced down their throats. There is little doubt they’re primed to send her right through the roof this time. Dan McCarthy had a perfect opportunity to step up and defend Republican Party principals but he turned out to be a dud. He started weak then fizzled out altogether. That means “all systems go” for former astronaut Mark Kelly, even if he is a Democrat.

Republicans clueless why conservatives reject McSally

Democrats are totally stunned by what’s happening in Arizona, but not half as stunned as the Republicans are. The Democrat candidate, Mark Kelly, is virtually being invited into a Senate seat. The Arizona GOP simply can’t accept the fact that they aren’t conservative enough for Arizona voters.

If they had stuck to their declared party principles over the years, they wouldn’t be in this position. Now that they are, they refuse to change. Hopefully this will be the wake up call they hit the snooze button on in 2018. Arizona will continue to reject any RINO they try to run.

The state of Arizona was stabbed in the back by Jeff Flake, time and again. Somehow, after a long and faithful conservative career, John McCain slipped over to the “moderate” dark side, virtually rubber stamping anything Obama suggested. Hard-right Arizona voters were outraged and stamped their foot down. When their favored candidate, Dr. Kelli Ward, suddenly disappeared from the GOP ballot, replaced by confirmed RINO Martha McSally, they decided to send a clear message.

If the GOP wants Arizona to elect a Democrat, they will. Until Republicans stop giving the independent and Libertarian voters a choice between a Democrat who admits it and one in the closet, they will reject the sleeper cell every time. In 2018, independent conservative Arizona voters elected Democrat Kristin Sinema with eyes wide open. So far, she’s been more helpful and cooperative than Jeff Flake ever was.

Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords

Ducey’s back door double-cross

After reject McSally lost, RINO Governor Doug Ducey turned around and double-crossed the voters and appointed her to the seat vacated by John McCain. Independents were livid. They started counting the days until they could go back to the polls and vote for anyone but her. A rock with a smiley face painted on it has a better chance. That’s pretty much what Dan McCarthy turned out to be. McCarthy still has a much better chance of beating McSally than Libertarian Barry Hess, but he doesn’t stand a chance against the Democrat. Adding to the chaos, this Democrat proves that DINO’s aren’t extinct after all.

Not only is Mark Kelly a former astronaut, he’s married to one of Arizona’s favorite former congresswomen, Gabrielle Giffords. According to one political analyst, Kelly “has staked out a position as a reasonable human being.” Not only is he a “science and engineering guy,” he “doesn’t think Atlas Shrugged is a work of philosophy.” More importantly, he’s not a reject.

He isn’t afraid to leverage his wife’s horrible crisis. In 2010 she survived a mass shooting. Kelly says he “learned a lot from being an astronaut. I learned a lot from being a pilot in the Navy. I learned a lot about solving problems from being an engineer. But what I learned from my wife is how you use policy to improve people’s lives.”

It’s strange for some of the most conservative voters in the country to overwhelmingly accept a Democrat candidate without even really caring where he stands on the issues. It matters more to Arizonans that he’s honest and lives up to his claims.

  1. Now having been a Republican since 1959, I erecently changed to Independent because of the Trump party, which is no longer the Republican party I was a member of and a lot of my friends had already left the Republican party before I did, just because of Trump’s actions, which are not exactly what the majority of older Republican members expect, not a majority, of Republicans are, into religion in their daily lives.

  2. Start asking questions about his wife’s beliefs and what she voted for and you will find out what he will vote for. Abortion, gun control, no borders, come on conservatives force the damn republican party to put someone up who will back President Trump and not another McCain. Call, call, write to the papers if the party doesn’t get you, march in front of the party head quarters. What do you think the damn democrats who always win in New York do. They get on TV, write the papers, make sure the voters don’t know if the person they are running is anti abortion or favors gun control, wants climate change, etc., you find that out after the vote is done. Find someone who is republican/conservative and announce what they are for, everything against the democrats, make sure the voters know they are really republican/conservative because they can be held responsible once in office. You can’t yell at the democrats once in office because they don’t give out their true ambitions until they get in office. Start playing the game the democrats play, push the party to give you someone good and than back that person any way you can. Don’t be a New Yorker.

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