First They Defund the Police, Then They Force the Tax Payers to Foot a Ridiculous Bill of Double Standards

Government officials are supposed to serve and protect the public that elected them. But humans are easily corruptible. Ultimately, it can come down to theft of taxation to hire more security when those same officials ignore those who elected them. In order to bow to the DNC, it’s necessary to defund the police. But that creates a problem. Americans will only deal with double standards for a period of time before those elected officials are driven out.

You defund the police, the bottom drops out

Although Minnesota allows for firearms, not everybody can or will carry. The police fill in the gaps there. But if the force is stretched too thin, the population will be under attack.

Defunding the police also results in a lack of support for that force. With any job, you need support to get the job done right. It’s no surprise then that police are quitting and taking extended leaves.

A plan may be in the works for a force with more minorities. The largely white police force was having trouble establishing trust. A force involved with “community safety and violence prevention” is under review.

Hiding and billing

The whole amount of added security wasn’t made public. KMSP had to investigate and found the amount was over twice what was disclosed, a total of $152,400.

Since expenses were under $175,000 it didn’t need to be approved. The city council members are doubling up on their security after receiving death threats for defunding local police.

No tax is ever temporary

“This security service was intended to be temporary and bridge to other security measures implemented by council members themselves,” a City spokesperson said. The anonymous person willing to speak will yield more than somebody willing to give their name.

It begs the question. Don’t defund public security and expect sympathy for when there aren’t enough police officers to cover your own security.

  1. The Democrats in office have defunded the police. The police protection is the most important service the government offers the citizens. The solution should be for the citizens to defund the government. Doing so will obviously piss the leaders off, but who can they send to get you to change your mind about defunding them? They have no cops and it’s cops who usually show up to “change your mind” if you don’t follow the rules of the leadership. It may be possible to sue the leadership for fraud, since they are charging for a service they are no longer providing. I’m not a lawyer, but real lawyers are available-make life as miserable as possible for these Democrat jerks, until they wake up.

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