Homicides Increase a Staggering 250% Proving ‘Defund’ Movement is Complete TRASH

If people want to defund police, they better arm themselves and learn how to use that weapon. Laws are written for those who obey them. Lawless people don’t care. The Defund movement gives criminals the opening they’d love. They can do whatever they want, no police will go after them. The problem is for those who just aren’t physically capable of self defense, the elderly and the very young. If the police are going to be defunded there needs to be something else in place of that.

Defund is the silver platter invitation

There are people who hate. People with anger issues that only want to hurt others. Until such time as the mental health community can be financed and supported, there needs to be a way to deal with unbalanced people.

Police help with so many things, mental health and anger problems among them. Trump doesn’t want to defund police. We need problem solvers. Are the Democrats kneeling on Trump’s neck with this too? Probably. Another one of many places Dems can’t let Trump win.

Drugs kill

That’s another area police help with. Most street drugs are illegal and for good reason. People needing to escape from life or accidentally stuck in the deadly trap of drugs are often helped by police.

Unfortunately drugs are big business. But without customers, any business either reforms or goes elsewhere. This is true for the drug trade as well. If a police officer can help somebody get into counseling, get off drugs, that’s one less tragedy he or she is able to avoid.

Democrats need to watch

That Defund movement may bring your state down. If you’re going to bow down to the mob, allow them to run rough shod over good people, you’ll be left with the mob. If good people can leave, they will. Your states may burn literally.

There may be those bold enough to do what was done with Jacob Frey. Yes, you can be run out of town. You can also be run out of town with a hail of bullets following you. You’ll be seeing the reason for that precious Second Amendment Americans hold dear.

COVID restrictions made numbers look good

But that was temporary. Crime in Los Angeles dropped 23% during April. It can’t stay that way for the same reason you can’t keep people jailed in their homes forever.

LAPD chief Michel Moore said at the time, “People staying at home in their neighborhoods, watching out for each other and exercising social distancing is allowing us to have a safer city,”

  1. How about we defund the lay about terrorist that contribute nothing to our nation and if the democrats want to support them then let them but the rest of us feel they need to actually get a job and grow up. Life ain’t free.

  2. “If the police are going to be defunded there needs to be something else in place of that.”
    What will replace police, the criminals really don’t want. They just don’t know it yet. When a house is infested with rats and mice, the home owner calls in an exterminator. Without police, what do you think the rich people will do to the criminals in their town?

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