Schiff Suddenly Disrupts Vote, Causes More Turmoil

Adam Schiff was the one to blame for suddenly yanking an anxiously awaited reform bill off the table. At the very last minute, the California Democrat ordered his minion, Jerrod Nadler, to cancel the meeting. All of this turmoil happened simply because amendments to protect the accused would have passed with support from both sides. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is terrified that the secret star chamber known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court might actually have some safeguards put in place so he disrupted the proceedings.

Blame it all on Adam Schiff

It wasn’t Jerrod Nadler’s idea to pull the plug on the controversial meeting. A Republican aide leaked to the press that, “there was a decent reform bill that Nadler had.” Apparently, “Schiff forced him” to water it down. “No civil liberties group signed off on it. It is a Schiff wish list.” Democrat Rep. Zoe Lofgren came up with a set of proposed amendments that would have made both sides happy. “Lofgren has been perfectly transparent about wanting amendments, amendments that have strong bipartisan support. Which is why Schiff doesn’t want to vote on them.”

“The very idea that the Judiciary Committee might produce a bill that would address some of these problems was apparently too much for Chairman Schiff today,” a spokesman for FreedomWorks lamented. “Democrats are yet again putting our national security at risk with their stall tactics,” agrees Doug Collins. “Critical counterterrorism provisions are hanging in the balance because Democrats chose to delay an already ill-timed markup.”

See what happens when both sides agree? It pops the congressional circuit breakers. Matt Gaetz of Florida explained, “the reason we are not having the hearing today is that there was a consensus among the pipe-swinging progressives and the libertarian Republicans.” Amendments which would have provided some basic safeguards were all set to pass by both sides. “We would have had the votes today, which is why the markup is canceled.”

If Congress does nothing, as usual, three key provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act will expire on March 14. The intelligence community is going spastic. Attorney General William Barr knows that the process is badly flawed, and so does Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, but both are in favor of extending the deadline now, then fixing the problems later. That approach isn’t going to fly with conservatives like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, or Doug Collins. Even Democrats are upset at the way the FISA court is set up. It can be weaponized at the whim of whichever side is currently in power.

No support for a ‘clean reauthorization’

AG Barr is terrified that Congress will drop the ball and he would hate to lose one of the most powerful tools in his toolbox, even if it is a dangerous one. At the GOP lunch on Tuesday, he begged them to “reauthorize the expiring portions of FISA’s surveillance powers as he continues to implement internal reforms.” Anyone who thinks that either side is going to sign off on a basic extension of the expiring laws without any kind of reforms ahead of time is dreaming. “Given the tremendous abuses in 16-17, a clean reauthorization is totally unacceptable,” the aide said. Even Schiff and Nadler are against the idea.

Democrats are calling the amendments, pushed by both their own Zoe Lofgren and Republican Jim Jordan, “poison pills.” Schiff is petrified that they will approve the amendment to create a position for “an outside expert.” An independent attorney would act as a lawyer for the accused in the hearing proceedings to challenge “the FBI’s application to obtain a wiretap.” Matt Gaetz says everyone is all for it. “I think there is a lot of consensus between liberty-loving Republicans and some of the populist Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to convert the FISA process from a non-adversarial process into an adversarial process with enhanced Amicus standards. Right now it is a non-adversarial process and that is not working for America.” Just ask Carter Page. In his case, the FBI “lied to the FISA court 17 times,” Rep. Jordan pointed out.

Lofgren already inserted protections for geolocation data into Nadler’s weak proposal. Other than minor changes to fix things identified in the Attorney General’s report, it would have eliminated one program that “collects data, including call dates and times of Americans, with whom they are in contact.” Both sides of the fence are in agreement that the Schiff inspired plan does not go nearly far enough. “The status quo is unacceptable. We cannot reauthorize these counterterrorism provisions without instituting critical safeguards that protect the civil liberties of all Americans,” Doug Collins and Devin Nunes wrote to Nadler.

  1. Schiff is nothing but a huge trouble maker.. low life piece of garbage who should be removed from office… along with other democRAT lunatics who want to destroy the country and the American people…

  2. When will the House invoke Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 of the Constitution? I suppose NEVER as long as the Democrats are in charge, unless they want to go after a Republican.

  3. We need to take Shitforbrains Schiff out and HANG THE SOB ! He is not working for the USA … he is working against us all !

    1. AMEN. Death by strangulation needs to be on the law books for low life’s who abuse the law for their personal agenda.

      1. Seems to me a waste of a perfectly good rope . I think a better idea is to gather all those lost wheel balance weights we see along our roadways and melt them down . Then we can use the method late comic , Lenny Bruce came up with in one of his monologues . The Hot Lead Enema ! It’s sure to clear the mind and is appropriate considering Schiffs so called brains are jump his butt . Just strap him face down and naked on table , insert large metal funnel in his butthole and pour in hot molten lead . After that even no nads Jerry Nadler and other Dem dummies will realize the error of stinkin thinkin !

    2. What a waste of good rope . Collect all those lead wheel weights lost along our roadways , melt them down . Then shove a large funnel up Schiffs butt , pour in lead ! A Hot Lead Enema will clear his mind of stinkin’ thinkin’ in short order . Probably be the best thing that ever happened to California in ages . And think , we have the late Lenny Bruce to thank for it .

    1. Schiff in charge of the Senate Intelligence is the best oxymoron I ever heard. He’s a lying, conniving moron funded by the likes of the evil one, George Soros.

      1. Exactly ! Now I wonder how does he spell his last name , it appears to be a double f , but could it be a double t ? I ask because he sure likes to stir up a lot of “Schitt” !

  4. I don’t want the rules for the FISA courts changed. I want the FISA courts abolished with contempt!!! This is an entirely unconstitutional system and should be deemed to be illegal.

    1. Probably, it won’t see the light of day. I never see mine after those words come up, an my comments are not that controversial.

    2. I haven’t been able to see any of mine come up after. Almost all mine are being moderated. It’s called censored.

    3. and yet the comment you posted at 8:56 AM

      is Visible at above your whine posted at 8:58 AM.

      This comment will have the “Awaiting moderation” tag as well.


  6. Adam (lying) Schiff and Nancy (drunk) Pelosi are only two self serving
    democrats in Washington. Their motto..that’s my lie and I’m sticking to it. Their game playing with what needs to be done in Washington has to STOP! The American people can see through their tactics. But, who the %$!! keeps voting them in office? It is my hope these two will be voted out of office. It can only be GOOD for America. Then, we can get on with the business of what really needs to be done in Washington. Their like two small children whining and stamping their feet when they don’t get their way. Dirt is dirt and both are lower than that under my feet.

    1. No one votes them in they have RIGGED THE elections by do think they want mail in voting be cause they can’t beat trump.

  7. Imagine if all the politicians who are “between a rock and a hard place” would start spilling their guts . Anyone familiar with the ” Old Boy” routine will understand the shaky support that is provided by the ” back scratching” that goes on in the swamp. The more slime that is pulled from the swamp, the closer someone gets to being OUTED. (outed is a nice way of being ratted on, snitched on, tattletailed on( yeah, there are 3rd graders up there. ) Standby… for news.

  8. CRAP for Brains Schiff and GONADler will fight anything a Republican wants no matter how much they want it just because a Republican wants it as well. Both are brainless TWITS. GONADler also lacks a spine but that is a common trait among Democraps. They lack anything even remotely close to a brain cell in the entire party.

  9. Some piece of work, this article when the fact is that if anyone had lied to the FISA court they would be u-p on charges from that court, try lying to a judge and find out what happens to you, the same thing that have happened to many about lying for a simple warrant, some are still behind bars. Now no one actually knows what is in this bill or who really sponsored it, now most bills which have bipartisan support get a vote unless it is in McConnell’s Senate where he has sat on over 100 bills, which at least 35 had bipartisan support, but McConnell would not even let them be brought to the floor.

  10. I certainly hope this kind of BS will be a wake up call to vote these idiots out of office in Nov. There are a lot of people who still need the “red pill”.

  11. If I were in the Congress, which would put me in close proximity to the little shif-less SOB, I would drag him out onto the house floor for all to watch, and literally beat the shit out of him.

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