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I have heard a lot of stupid things come out of the mouth of our current White House Press Secretary.

Karine Jean-Pierre has been a total bust.

She checked multiple diversity boxes, but her performance on the dais has been abysmal.

I really did not think it could get worse, that is until she made an utterly ridiculous statement on Tuesday.

Joe is the Best

A reporter was asking about Joe’s communication skills.

Jean-Pierre looking at the journalist with a completely straight face and stated, “I would tell you this, the president is the best communicator that we have in the White House.”

Now, Joe Biden probably has more gaffes in a day than most presidents do during their entire time in office.

Biden has been mixing up people’s names since he moved into the White House.

How can we forget about Joe Biden asking for a dead congresswoman at an event?

Heck, the man cannot remember his own cabinet members half the time.

Do we also have to list the number of times that Joe Biden has said a string of words during a speech that were pure gibberish?

Here is a quick video highlighting the best communicator in the White House…

If that is the best that we have… we are in big trouble.

Source: Fox News

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