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Bill Clinton Breaks From Dem Party…

In a shocking turn of events, former President Bill Clinton broke from the Democrat Party. In observance of the continually growing migrant crisis, Clinton and New York Governor Kathleen Hochul recently discussed the need to change New York City’s “Right to Shelter Law.”

This law requires shelter for homeless citizens, as well as those who are in the process of migrating into the city. While this may have been a beneficial policy forty years ago, it is now seen by many – including both Clinton and Hochul – as outdated and inefficient.

Republicans have taken an especially strong stance against this law, seeing it as yet another example of how immigration policies are too lenient in America today.

According to Clinton, migrants coming into New York must be allowed to begin “paying their way” within American society by working and paying taxes. He also pointed out that most migrants have no interest in being on welfare.

In addition, due to our current low birth rate, immigrants or machines will be necessary for economic growth in America- so we should not only welcome them but also make sure they can find jobs quickly after arriving here. The former president suggested building more housing along the Rio Grande so that people may stay close to Mexico before entering the United States if they know they can get a job when they come here.

When it comes down to it, having an immigration system that is not well-manned or equipped enough can create chaos around the issue and unfortunately has worked out beneficially for Republican politics according to Clinton himself.

Clinton noted that one factor contributing to Democratic losses in New York was crime associated with migration policies which do not offer enough protection for citizens living there.

Therefore, without proper reform put into place soon, we may never see an end to America’s migrant crisis and its detrimental effects on both parties politically speaking.

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