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Deep State Battles To Shield FBI ‘Star Chamber’

A deep state rat is in charge of the government cheese, and Republican lawmakers demand to know how in the heck he ever got the job. Presiding FISA judge James Boasberg had a January 30 deadline to explain exactly how it happened, in detail. The whole future of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is riding on his answers.

The ‘friendly’ deep state rat

In Mid-January, when North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows and his Ohio colleague, Jim Jordan, learned that deep state rat David Kris was selected to be in charge of FISA Court cheese, they went ballistic. Presiding judge James Boasberg selected him as an expert adviser to the court, called an “amicus curiae.” That means, “friend of the court.” He’s supposed to make recommendations on how to keep the Federal Bureau of Instigation from ever “weaponizing” the court again. Meadows and Jordan are outraged. with friends like David Kris, who needs enemies.

On January 16, they sent off a blistering 5-page letter to the newly appointed Judge Boasberg. “If the FISC’s goal is to hold the FBI accountable for its serious misconduct, Mr. Kris does not appear to be an objective — or likely effective — amicus curiae for several reasons,” they wrote.

For starters, he’s wrapped up in the deep state’s plot to overthrow President Trump, all the way to his eyeballs. “He is too personally invested on the side of the FBI to ensure it effectuates meaningful reform.” He pines for good old days, like he had under Barack Obama.

According to the letter, “Mr. Kris, an Obama-era DOJ official, frequently defended the FBI’s existing electronic surveillance practices and boasted that he had ‘high confidence that the [FBI] provided the court with enough information to meaningfully assess Steele’s credibility and the provenance of the other information on which they relied.’ He flat out lied. Kris was convinced that the FISA wiretap applications for Carter Page “already substantially undermine the President’s narrative and that of his proxies.” We now know they were complete fiction.

When the Inspector General’s report came out, itemizing all the illegal abuse, “David Kris minimized the FBI’s actions.” Kris has a long history of anti-Trump activism so it’s no surprise he would downplay the allegations. He’s a regular on the Rachel Maddow show and writes articles for the left-leaning blog, “Lawfare.” Not to mention his tweets.

Disband it instead

Now that the kangaroo court impeachment hearings are over, Congress can get back to work. One of the things already on the agenda is a March 15 deadline to renew three crucial FISA provisions, set to expire. Republicans are seriously considering tossing the FBI’s secret ‘star chamber’ in the trash instead of renewing the measures.

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He’s not sure he wants to take such a drastic step but admits it might be necessary. “I would hate to lose the ability of the FISA Court to operate at a time, probably when we need it the most. But I have serious concerns about whether the FISA Court can continue unless there is fundamental reform.”

David Kris is all in favor of fixing it, which makes Meadows and Jordan very suspicious. “A few of us are not only appealing this to the judge who has now taken over the FISA process, but we are looking at this when it comes to renewing the FISA process within Congress.”

Carter Page, the target of the illegal wiretaps made his opinion crystal clear. “If there was any hope for the system fixing this FISA mess, it extinguished with David Kris’ appointment. Nobody trying to fix the rampant abuse and coverup plaguing the entire FISA process would have picked Kris, a former FISA lawyer and longtime FISA apologist.” There is only one explanation for it, insists Page, They don’t want to fix anything, “you just want it to look like you do.”

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